Architect Vincent Callebaut reveals underwater “Oceanscrapers”

As a distinct contrast to high-rise developments, Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut is looking downwards – towards the ocean depths.

The designer – who specialises in eco-friendly projects – who released a series of futuristic l drawings showing what sustainable, floating cities composed of “oceanscrapers” off the coast of South America could look like.

His concept is for 3D-printed villages which would use water turbines on the ocean floor to capture energy, bioreactors to recycle organic waste, and biofuel production to neutralise ocean acidification.

Each inverted skyscraper has 250 floors and is half a kilometre wide. It has a jellyfish-like structure with the entrance on the surface.

Fresh drinking water will be produced by a power plant using water pressure to separate out the salt, and oxygen will be renewed through chimneys in the tower.

“The people of the seas’ objective? To explore the abyssal zones in a respectful way, in order to speed innovation and to democratize new renewable energies — by definition inexhaustible — massively,” Callebaut said in a statement.

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