Apple opens flagship store designed by Foster + Partners in Singapore

Apple opens flagship store designed by Foster + Partners in Singapore

Apple, Foster + Partners, Singapore

It’s been a busy time for Apple, which has just opened its first flagship store in Singapore, designed by Foster + Partners. The news comes on the heels of the brand’s store opening in Dubai Mall — known for its use of kinetic wings.

Located on a tree-lined avenue named Orchard Road, Apple flagship store aims to create a new social focus by working with nature and blurring the boundaries between the interior and exterior.

Embodying Singapore’s status as one of the world’s greenest countries, the store’s design draws inspiration from the neighbourhood’s nutmeg and fruit orchards and features a street-side public plaza that offers shade under eight mature trees. Behind, a signature Apple glass facade invites passersby in to peruse the products under a thin, white cantilevering canopy.

“This is one of our greenest Apple spaces yet,” says Stefan Behling, head of studio at Foster + Partners. “Not only does all the energy come from renewable sources, but it is filled with lush trees. It also breaks down the boundaries between inside and outside, with the greenery cascading through the store from the mezzanine to the ground floor and out onto Orchard Road, creating the most welcoming civic gesture.”

Inside, two large stone walls merge with Italian hand-carved, artisan, stone staircases that feature integrated handrails with a tactile, smooth finish. On the mezzanine, the world’s largest Genius Grove sits amidst 12 ficus trees — which work to moderate the temperature, smell and aural qualities of the space.

Like its Singapore flagship, Apple stores around the world have come to be known as a centre for creativity and innovation. Its Dubai Mall store also makes use of sustainable design elements by way of its mashrabiya-inspired ‘wings’, which are programmed to adapt to the outdoor temperature.

Closing during the day when temperature’s are high and opening during the night when the weather cools, the kinetic wings create “an exceptional architectural and social experience for visitors, bringing to the fore new ideas about the evolving role of Apple Flagships in the community,” Behling told DesignMENA.

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