Case study: Al Fattan House

Case study: Al Fattan House

Al Fattan House is the third building by developer Al Fattan Properties in Dubai Marina. The client wanted to complement the existing Al Fattan residential and hotel towers development with a commercial building and chose architects DSA to design the scheme.

Project architect Fadi Sarieddine added: “We pushed the client brief further to be more fitting with its residential context and gave the building a new informal dimension.”

The building was completed in February 2011 and provides 14 storeys plus two basement levels, with a total floor area of 31,000m2.

The site
Sarieddine believes that the striking Al Fattan House project is a prominent landmark, despite being dwarfed by the marina skyline.

He said: “Although the building is surrounded by high towers, the building stands out in its context and confirms its presence by its design edge rather than its scale. Due to the context sensitive programme, the building addresses the street with more informal functions such as retail and boutique type ateliers.”

The Concept
Sarieddine explains that the building was subdivided according to the various functions. He commented: “I was conscious of the residential nature of the context, so the first intervention that we had to make was defining the programme accordingly.

The office programme was given another dimension by subdividing it in a ‘strata’ system with retail on the ground floor, ateliers space on the podium level and corporate on the top floors.”

The architect continued: “This sectional ‘stratification’ provides a sensitive response to the marina scene where the retail and ateliers space can interact with vibrant street level, and in turn these two functions have a close relation with each other, especially when they house entrepreneurial tenants with both retail and workshop needs.”

While the building contains complex layers of volumes and materials, Sarieddine states that the floor plans was kept simple to improve the quality of the office space. “Although the building is generated from a dynamic layering of volumes and materials it maintains quite simple floor plans allowing for generous and column-free office areas,” he said.

The Details
Among the ‘strata’ is a hanging garden on the fourth level of the building. Sarieddine says that this garden acts as a “melting pot” between the users of the building where a business collaboration could be triggered,” he adds.

The building is wrapped with a second screen made of Parklex wooden fins protecting the office spaces from unwanted sun exposure.

Sarieddine adds: “A subtraction and ‘peeling’ formal exercise performed on the screen responds to the orientation of the project and makes the building highly contextual. The design of the building surpasses the prevalent office design trends and offers a dynamic and intriguing landmark to the Dubai Marina area.”

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