AGi Architects creates indoor oases for residential project in Kuwait

Kuwait and Spain-based AGi Architects has completed a fortress-like residential structure that presents “a physical expression of family life”, located in Kuwait City.

The Wall House is designed as a large shell featuring four patios which allow the inhabitants to enjoy open-air freedom in a contained internal space.

“A large lattice develops into the volume and creates a welcoming area, in the public ground level. This skin encloses the guest living room which is surrounded by gardens and terraces. Away from any uncomfortable view, at this same level, the family shares their own private luminous oasis,” said the firm in a release.

A shared room is extended out into the terrace which is connected to a private garden on the lower level without possessing any visual connections.

The house embodies a sense of serene sanctuary where cantilevered terraces and gardens are protected by shade, just as in an oasis in the desert, where vegetation and greenery are free to grow on all different levels of the structure.

“The house creates free zones where exploration may occur, allowing its inhabitants to know their selves better, ultimately protecting themselves to become free,” the firm said.

AGi Architects is run by Nasser B. Abulhasan and Joaquin Pérez-Goicoechea, who both won last year’s Architect of the Year Award at the Middle East Architect Awards, the first joint win in the history of the event.

Photography by Nelson Garrido


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