Interview: "If your hotel is being refurbished in three years, you likely got something wrong," says David Lessard of H+A
11 Feb 2019
David Lessard, architect and co-founder of the boutique practice, H+A, talks to Shweta Parida about the new shift in hotel ...
Opinion: Designers need to keep up with technology to create schools of the future
28 Nov 2018
Designers need to keep pace with technological advancements to create the learning environments of the future, says Patrick Bean, head ...
Interview: Lulie Fisher discusses the challenges and rewards of starting her own boutique practice
25 Nov 2018
The architect traces her journey from starting the firm with no projects in hand to winning awards and recognition in ...
Interview: Jonathan Ashmore shares why his contextual design philosophy has found takers in the Middle East and beyond
20 Nov 2018
With a slew of new projects in the wider region, the founder of Anarchitect, highlights the importance of site-specific building ...
Interview: Daan Roosegaarde discusses his installation, Waterlicht, at the newly opened Jameel Arts Centre
14 Nov 2018
The Dutch designer shares his insights about how to positively impact urban environments through design
Canadian designer Matthew McCormick's first talk in the Middle East to take place at the Downtown Design Forum
11 Nov 2018
The award-winning designer will speak about the confluence of industrial processes and craftsmanship in his work
Gillian Blair joins Design Worldwide Partnership
31 Oct 2018
Recipient of the Young Interior Designer of the Year honour at the 2017 Commercial Interior Design Awards returns to the ...
Fadi Sarieddine shares his five favourite design products
16 Oct 2018
The architect and founder of his eponymous studio reveals what makes these design objects special
Interview: Paul Bishop and Pallavi Dean discuss the dynamics of interior design in the Middle East
14 Oct 2018
Paul Bishop, Interior Designer of the Year, and Pallavi Dean, winner in two categories at the Commercial Interior Design Awards ...

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