Interview: "If your hotel is being refurbished in three years, you likely got something wrong," says David Lessard of H+A
11 Feb 2019
David Lessard, architect and co-founder of the boutique practice, H+A, talks to Shweta Parida about the new shift in hotel ...
Video: David Lessard notes that the current wave of hotel refurbishments in Dubai follows a natural cycle
01 Feb 2019
The architect and co-founder of H+A, who has previously worked on the Yas Hotel Abu Dhabi project among others, discusses ...
Video: David Lessard shares why Dubai is not yet ready for the boutique hotel concept
29 Jan 2019
While hotel industry continues to boom in the UAE and the region, independent boutique properties are yet to become commonplace ...
Interview: david/nicolas discuss the role of identity in design
09 Jan 2019
David Raffoul and Nicolas Moussallem, co-founders of their eponymous studio david/nicolas, and one of the keynote speakers at the designMENA ...
Video: Rabih Geha talks about creating experiential nightclub spaces
31 Dec 2018
Winner of the Interior Design of the Year: Bars and Nightclubs category at the 2018 CID Awards, the Lebanese-Croatian architect, ...
designMENA Summit 2018: Architects and designers are redefining the region's urban environment with a human-centric focus, say david/nicolas
12 Dec 2018
David Raffaoul and Nicolas Moussallem from Beirut, who were one of the keynote speakers at the designMENA Summit 2018, share ...

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