#RisingStars: Meet Adriana Graur from Perkins+Will

#RisingStars: Meet Adriana Graur from Perkins+Will

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Without creativity, we would have nothing today, firmly believes Adriana Graur, a talented young designer, currently working her way up at Perkins+Will Dubai office. Graur was highly commended by the judging panel at the 2017 CID Awards for her positive approach.

“Creative people have made this possible by trying and failing, and trying again… that is evolution. I am inspired by the great minds that have shaped our world; I just hope in my life, I will be able to do the same. It is amazing to be part of history, and even greater that we have the power to write our future.”

Graur studied in both Romania and the UK. These two practices gave her the balance of creating creative, yet realistic concepts. The real learning started after submitting her CV to Perkins+Will two years ago.

“Interns either study further or apply for full-time positions. Either way they leave our office with a ‘nerabdare’ (which is Romanian for passion) for their career.”

The first project that Graur worked on from start to finish was the new Adidas headquarters in Dubai Design District, this year’s CID Awards winner in the office category. One of the exciting projects Graur is now working on is a Net Zero building that she hopes will become the new standard in Dubai.

Graur says she doesn’t believe in trends. “Just because something is fashionable, doesn’t mean it is the right thing for everyone,” she says. “Trends also imply something that will pass, but when you make the right decision for yourself, this will last.”

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