Keeping it Simple

Keeping it Simple

Festival of Interior Design, FoID

UAE: Turkish designer, Bersun Erturk, won the Festival of Interior Design (FOID) Product Design competition, with his LOCT coffee table fetching AED5,000 in auction at its gala dinner, The Address Hotel.

The winning product was bought by Lesly Lobo, managing director, Woodfloors ME. Erturk said he is going to continue producing the table based on orders he receives and hopes to sell it for the same price.

Norah Al Twaijri’s Rest and Read chair grabbed second place, and coming in at third and fourth place respectively was a decorative light called Azpire by Shersha Sarith and a table called Loop Concept Table by Rami Al Khatib.

The competition was organised to showcase the creativity and talent of the local design community and was open to members of the industry and those in the region.

Al Twaijri’s entry consisted of a seating area, two compartments for books or magazines and a right armrest. Al Khatib’s item is an interesting structure supporting the fulcrum points of a table. Sarith’s product is a decorative light fixture built by joining 16 symmetrical polygonal boxes with LEDs arranged in particular positions.

Erturk’s entry was recognised for its representation of the strength of family ties by using a traditional octagonal Islamic pattern. LOCT shows the designer’s intrinsic focus on detail, where every leg of the table supports the one next to it, creating a free standing piece.

He said the brief of the competition asked participants to infuse traditional design into their products, so he imagined a family of up to eight people holding hands. “The concept of family is important in this region, where everyone supports each other. That was my starting point,” he said.

He combined this concept with a pattern derived from traditional culture and architecture in the region – the Mashrabiya.

“With the Mashrabiya pattern, I applied the idea of eight people holding hands over it and because of that, each leg of the table supports the next one,” he added.

He added while it was a tough competition, he expected to win. “Everyone produced their items really well,” he added.

Erturk is an interior architect, who has been working in Dubai for more than five years. Currently a senior designer at creative agency, Action Impact, he designs products as a hobby. But now he hopes to translate this into producing furniture for the general public.

He said he likes objects which are simple but pay a lot of attention to detail. “Even the LOCT table – it looks simple but the idea behind it is extremely detailed.”

Erturk is interested in the works of industrial designer Philippe Starck. “A design object I really like is the Juicy Salif citrus squeezer created by Starck. It looks like an octopus,” he said.

He has many design ideas and said he was lucky to be able to take part in the competition. “I hope this is going to be another step forward in my career,” he added.

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