Heartfelt artwork

Heartfelt artwork

In the past, art was used as decoration on walls and sculptures were merely accessories. Now, artwork is being specified as the focal point to the interior design concept. Progressively, artists are being sought after to craft installations, sculptures and paintings to transform an interior space.

Increasingly, I find myself installing works of art and sculptures to utilise areas that would otherwise be redundant. Such spaces may be between one room and another, usually in a niche or divide. Often the space disguises trunking or plumbing. The starting point is usually dimensions and a story or a concept. A bespoke object is created and reproduced to fit a space.

An art installation provides a positive atmosphere and, with innovative use of lighting, the piece can have a dramatic affect. The result can transform a room into an ‘art gallery’. A room which has been designed beautifully and furnished exquisitely gains soul with the addition of a work of art.

With the installation of a bespoke piece of sculpture, a non-functional space becomes a focal point transforming the surrounding area giving the impression that the guest is in a place of importance.

The atmosphere within a room is changing to a more thoughtful retrospective environment. Greater use is being made of works of art as opposed to an object d’art or ornament.

People are knowledgeable; they understand art, identify materials and appreciate originality. They have a greater understanding these days of what is genuinely creative rather than pastiche or mass produced.
I feel that people are looking beyond luxury, and are searching for enrichment.

Art has the capacity to provoke questions; what does the work represent? what has been the inspiration? what is the artist saying? how does it make me feel?

The senses are as alive to the creativity of an artist as to the scent of a classic perfume or the performance of a virtuoso.

I founded Sauce Studios in 2000 to commercially develop and manufacture artist’s work and to make fine art more accessible and affordable. Over a period of 10 years, Sauce Studios has successfully created and developed works of art and sculpture that has been distributed to galleries, interior designers, department stores, hotels, museums and homes. During this time I have noticed how trends have changed and how art has become an important component in the design of a space.

All my adult life I have been fortunate to work as an artist, with artists, and for artists in the pursuit and development of works of art.

I have had the opportunity to create work in marble, bronze, glass, steel, fibreglass, ceramic and resin. I have created works of art in all sizes from miniature to the monumental. I have been privileged to travel the world and to experience many things.

In the Middle East, my work has been used in the final fit-out of hotel suites, restaurants, and lobby areas. I recently exhibited at Index Dubai where I am learning there is a greater awareness of art installation and appreciation of originality and artistic expression.

I have had work installed within several suites at the Four Seasons Hotel in Riyadh: I was commissioned to create a white sculpture called ‘Soul’, measuring 57cm high mounted onto a specially designed plinth 30cm high to fit neatly inside a down lit niche in a secluded area within several luxurious hotel suites.

I am currently working on an enquiry to create bespoke sculptures for the new Jumeirah Business Hotel in Dubai.

Steven Lovatt is the owner of Sauce Studios.

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