Frank Gehry likens Dubai architecture to being ‘on steroids’

Frank Gehry likens Dubai architecture to being ‘on steroids’

In a recent interview with Foreign Policy magazine, world famous architect, Frank Gehry, shared his sentiments about architecture in the region, which according to him lacks cultural depth.

He was quoted saying that as an architect, “the worst thing is when you go to places like Dubai”.

“They’re on steroids, but they just end up looking like American or European cities with these anonymous skyscrapers… One would hope there would be more support from within these places for architecture that responds to the place and culture.”

Gehry added he is trying to convince Dubai authorities to come up with something original, a theme he touched on when he visited Abu Dhabi several months ago.

“No one else seems to be involved with it. It’s just cheap copies of buildings that have already been built somewhere else,” he said.

Gehry is most famously known in the region for the upcoming Guggenheim museum in Abu Dhabi, which he designed.


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