Interview: EDGE

Interview: EDGE

Just launched in Dubai is EDGE – an architect firm which is promising to give new talent a chance to blossom and push back design boundaries.

Martin Baerschmidt and Ivar Krasinski are the founders of the newly rebranded design group and both are veterans of Dubai.

But the company is promising to really invigorate the regional architectural landscape with a new approach.

The pair say: “Energy is one of their key words and this is a sentiment shared by our team of 25 talented, dynamic and young designers all whom have the energy and desire to learn, work and deliver.

“They all have a common goal of maximising design and energy and by doing so give clients and all stakeholders the optimal solution not just in terms of design, but in economics too.”

When a project arrives in the studio the firm says there is always a sense of excitement and this is something the partners install – this allows all the team to see the potential in themselves and the project in hand.

Motor City auto-mall

The business is also adopting a new approach to timekeeping, encouraging staff to leave their desks on time and indulge their other passions, weather water sports, martial arts, strategy games, music or literature.

They are then encouraged to add these influences to their design work.

The directors say: “While this may be how some practices run, what sets us apart is the mentoring and this doesn’t stop at 5pm.

“We are heavily involved in sport and community interests and they encourage their team to do the same. Ivar comments “it was a conscious decision to force our team to have a life outside of work – get your business done and go and live your human life. Forced marches are the enemy of economics and good design, as you stop being an effective army.”

Tomini showroom, Dubai

Baerschmidt says:  Time is not a renewable element, so we have to use it effectively, procrastinate less and produce more

“We invested heavily in technology and software as this not only helps us be more effective with design but has the effect of being more cost effective for our clients and ourselves, so our bottom line was to invest more in our staff.”

Each team member has adopted the moniker “edge ninja” and adheres to the philosophy that you only win the next project based on the last – so that’s where you invest.

The firm is now competing with the biggest architectural names in the industry.

“We go to the fight, bring our energy and win” Krasinski says “We keep pushing the boundaries, we are like the underdog – we work harder, we work smarter, we work smarter, we upset the odds.”

Ministry of Works, Turkmenistan

His partner says: “We have a pure 360 degree approach to architecture – we are not an assembly line, we see projects through from start to finish.”

With a city that continually excites them with the ongoing building work, the firm says it strongly see that Dubai is the epicentre for the future and it will be a huge part in the involvement

The partners say: “This will be through their energy and  a driven team working on projects that deserve the same.”



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