Blogs of the Month

Blogs of the Month

Topics this month include a freelance designer in UAE, an American blogger in Marrakesh, an Indian eco-friendly design blog and a Bahrain-based designer/entrepreneur

According to Dina
UAE-based Dina Murali Belgami combines her love for interior design, architecture and food into one blog, According to Dina. Her interior design and architecture posts revolve around her work as a designer, and other products or people whose work she finds interesting. When her posts talk about her personal work as a designer, she adds the creative process for readers to see how she arrived at the final look.

My Marrakesh
Maryam Montague, an American based in Marrakesh, Morocco, co-owns a boutique guesthouse in an olive grove, called Peacock Pavilions, with her husband. Her coffee table book on Moroccan interior design will be released in 2012. She also owns a carpet and textile shop, Red Thread Souk. Her blog features information about carpets, interior spaces and information about how the guesthouse was designed.

Sajavat means ‘decoration’ in English and is the blog of Mumbai-based Sangitha Aanand, who enjoys green design. Her posts cover various interior design accessories such as pots and vases. She also gives tips on recycling through design: “So much is always said about conservation of our resources, or rather wastage of resources. Well, we may not always be in a position to set everything right but why not start at our level?”

Run by managing director of online shopping store Boxed, Sarah Saleh, the blog features different designers and their work, observations on design objects and eye-catching interior design spaces. The online shop represents independent designers who sell their hand-made products. Saleh is based in Bahrain. Every week, she blogs about and interviews a designer, with more information about their inspiration and style tips.

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