Architecture should benefit society says Levi Dacosta

Architecture should benefit society says Levi Dacosta

Architect Levi Dacosta believes images, renderings and technology all have a part to play in his chosen profession – but it is the finished product which is the only thing that counts.

He said: “For me, architecture is about defining the will of an epoch – and transforming it into space. I am interested in technology as well – but not for its own sake. It should be a means of achieving an end.

“With all the new technology available the image seems to be important right now. And I feel that puts architecture in a dangerous place. If it’s just the image that is prevailing, to me that is not architecture.”

He first became interested in design from his father, who always wanted to be an architect but because of the demands of feeding his family had to take a job at an early age and so could not devote the necessary time to study.

Dacosta is also passionate about the role the business can play in its wider context. “Architecture is about responding to the needs of society. If architecture does not attempt to solve society’s problems then it is not doing its job, in my view.

“When the opportunity to come to Dubai presented itself I didn’t really know what to think. I had some negative impressions of the place from others but these have turned out to be largely unfounded.

“In fact P&T has given me the perfect opportunity to join all of my interests together. The Saudi hospital I am working – the building itself occupies 490.000m2 . Hospitals are always seen as functional machines, but the design has to reflect a healing environment so there are layers which need to be explored.”

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