“Architecture is the most social and public form of art” says Tommaso Calistri of Killa Design

“Architecture is the most social and public form of art” says Tommaso Calistri of Killa Design

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Tommaso Calistri of Killa Design speaks to Aidan Imanova about the purpose of architecture and designing the Museum of the Future

Tommaso Calistri started working at Killa Design since March 2015, soon after the company first opened.

“My first project at Killa Design was the Museum of the Future of which I was the team leader of the architectural team, working directly with the design partner and being responsible for the project planning and façade. It is undoubtedly the most important and challenging project I have ever worked on and it is extremely exciting to see it being built,” Calistri says.

“I believe it will soon become a recognisable symbol of Dubai and the rest of the world, due to its location, its design philosophy and what it stands for, in shaping the UAE in terms of future innovation and research. I am proud to have worked on such an important project so early in my career,” he adds.

Commenting on the field of architecture, Calistri says: “Architecture is the most social and public form of art because it shapes our cities and the space around us, where we live and spend the majority of our time. It is at the same time extremely intimate because it interacts with our most private spaces and has the power to affect our lives and our inner feelings.”

He continues: “An architects’ purpose is to create “emotional geometry” – buildings which mediate between the unnecessary beauty of art and the necessities of human beings.

Calistri admires Dubai for its positivity:  “It is a land of possibilities, a city that challenges the present and looks at progress not purely as a dream but as something that is achievable.”

He has a dream to see Dubai as a more connected city with more public buildings and a place where various districts could be joined to create a more vibrant city life for residents.

“Dubai needs to concentrate its resources in completing urban areas rather than creating new ones,” he says.

Tommaso Calistri started his architectural career at M+N Architecture, a boutique office based in Florence, Italy. He was then transferred to the firm’s Abu Dhabi office for a year, where he spent time learning all aspects of the field, including client managements and securing permits, later focusing on his passion: architectural design.

Calistri then moved to Copenhagen where he worked for a young, innovative firm called WE Architecture. He later returned to Abu Dhabi in 2014, where he worked until moving to Killa Design in March 2015.

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