TwentyOne06's Douglas Drummond tells us his design Objects of Desire

Recently appointed projects director at boutique interiors agency heads up workplace design

Recently appointed projects director at boutique interiors agency TwentyOne06, Douglas heads up workplace design.

Here are five of his design favourites from a career spanning more than 15 years. working for the likes of Microsoft and Gazprom.

Arrangements Lighting Collection by Michael Anastassiades

I've always liked modular designs and am appealed by how individual components can be reconfi gured to create different solutions. This piece, inspired by how jewellery links together, provides great versatility and can look sculptural and/or industrial depending on its use or setting.

Liquid Aluminium Table by Mathieu Lehanneur

There are several pieces I could have picked from the French designer's portfolio, as there are many things to like in his diverse and creative product range. This is one of my favourites though, it's like a piece of water movement has been frozen in time. It would also look great in my living room.

Jin by Jin Kuramoto

I'd probably pick this chair on aesthetics alone, as I love the smooth lines and how the bulbous back and base ease off to meet the narrow edges, but this piece is also feather-light, super strong, and 100 per cent biological. The body is formed with thin layers of fl ax fi bers laid on top of each other to create a shell with an air core, that is so strong the surface makes the structure of the chair. It's a great piece of truly sustainable design.

Thread X Trestle Table by Coordination Design

While adjustable trestle tables are nothing new, this designer has created an innovative version with minimalist detail. A simple threaded oak rod is held by a contemporary steel cross frame, to create a sleek yet functional design

Alltubes Furniture Series by Muller Van Severen

I appreciate the simplicity of this collection, which is made almost entirely from standard aluminum tubing. Using repetition along with only a few simple curves, the designer has created pieces that are both decorative and structural out of one basic material.

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