Comment: Paul Bishop, of Bishop Design, on COVID-19

Comment: Paul Bishop, of Bishop Design, on COVID-19

"As we prepare ourselves for unknown territory, our thoughts remain with the entire industry..."

Paul Bishop of Bishop Design
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Paul Bishop of Bishop Design

Bishop Design founder Paul Bishop shares his thoughts on the fate of the design industry after COVID-19, as he predicts eco-friendly considerations will out last the pandemic and praises the comardery of his peers.

"We are incredibly thankful to our clients, industry peers and staff for their support during these uncertain times and are deeply humbled to continue works on a selection of exciting projects. Following our recent announcement of expansion plans in Saudi Arabia, we have received increasing interest for a multitude of projects.

Our most recent signing is for multiple casual F&B concepts whereby we will be creating an entirely new concept for the client, as well as evolving an existing identity for one of their existing labels. With the support of our creative subdivision Rogue, we will be delivering a turn-key solution for interior design and branding which will include menu design, stationary items, uniforms and social media concept.

Rogue has also recently commenced works on a selection of exciting projects in Ras Al Khaimah, revolving around the concept study and architecture potentials for two mixed-use developments. Our regional and international hotel projects are progressing positively, including a quirky boutique concept here in Dubai targeted at millennial travellers as well as the much anticipated SLS Hotel & Residences. We are also proud to remain active in our projects overseas in the European and Asian markets.

As we prepare ourselves for unknown territory, our thoughts remain with the entire industry and our wishes go out to everyone for the duration of this uncertain period.

We are maintaining constant communication with other industry professionals which is reassuring for all of us given the humbling and mutual understanding that we are in this together. Recognised for being a united industry, this strong connection has only blossomed in light of recent events and I have no doubt that with the incredible support that this industry offers we will continue to thrive as much as possible.

A lot of professionals have taken to social media to spread positive messages. It is heartwarming to see everyone remaining as optimistic as possible and not allowing day-to-day routines suffer. We are all responsible for considering one another and must take steps to prevent causing concern amongst ourselves by closely following advice from the authorities, being knowledgeable of the global situation and offering support to our industry peers as much as possible.

Global concern thrives off the basis of action and re-action, so it is integral to remain as normal as humanly possible rather than create unnecessary fear.

You have to applaud the unification of everyone across the world. A comradery exists amongst humans like never before, and it's this beautiful spirit which becomes the strongest element in overcoming our challenges. The magnitude and speed of this pandemic is an eye opener to an inner strength that we have, which may have been an oversight in the past blurred in the midst of our day-to-day lives, but we have to use this to our advantage during these unchartered times. 

Our key focus at Bishop Design and Rogue is to remain committed to our fellow peers, company and Clients as this will inspire confidence. We cannot let negativity rule our existence. It is important to remain unified together as a team, as an industry and as human beings.

Our values and work ethic remain the same. This will not affect our creativity nor innovative mindsets, as we are all strong characters with confidence in the work that we produce and are motivated in the sustained delivery of high standard work.

We are closely following the advice and announcements from the concerned authorities and as such flexibility in general has become a high priority. We understand that changes are occurring constantly, so we are prepared to support our team in any way that we can to ensure their health and safety, whilst aiming to remain true to client expectations to the best of our ability.

We have taken steps to develop our health and safety procedures to closely align with global health advisory guidelines, gained a wide understanding of the best virtual platforms on the market and have integrated these applications already in order to sustain relationships with our clients and industry colleagues, as well as implemented strategic plans for employees to work remotely.

It is reassuring that everyone has seen the importance and urgency to comply with newly implemented procedures, however they will not deter us from functioning as a professional company. This will be our third major economic challenge but we intend to stick around and fight until the end.

Waste is becoming an increasingly paramount consideration for all businesses and individuals so I believe it's worth noting that this mindset will continue for years to come.

We will experience a rise in eco-friendly considerations more than before and sustainable design will be at the core of the majority of projects in the near future with stricter conditions in place to control environmental aspirations."

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