Ferrari Museum Milan architect Andrea Morgante: Designing Saudi's $500bn super-city Neom would be an 'honour'

Ferrari Museum Milan architect Andrea Morgante: Designing Saudi's $500bn super-city Neom would be an 'honour'

Andrea Morgante, Italian architects, Dubai Design Week

Italian architect Andrea Morgante said adding Saudi Arabia’s multibillion-dollar gigaprojects to his portfolio would be a “tremendous honour” during an interview with Commercial Interior Design.

The architect visited the UAE last week for Dubai Design Week and joined Paul Bishop, founder of Bishop Design, to judge the Italian Way Product Design Award 2019.

Morgante found time to speak to Commercial Interior Design about Saudi Arabia, redefining rooftop hospitality and transforming the UAE's architectural design landscape.

Set the scene. What projects are you working on and are you exploring opportunities in the Middle East?

Right now I am collaborating with [a well-known hops company], designing immersive, experiential rooftops that will be soon deployed worldwide. We want to recreate stylish rooftop environments that will redefine hospitality and the viewing experience, infused with an Italian design flair. 

I am also designing a new family of accessories that will further convey the core values behind the brand, like Italian style and design excellence. 

I am also preparing an exhibition design for Ferrari at the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Italy, a building I designed a few years ago.

My core body of work gravitates mostly in Europe but I would love to explore design opportunities in the Middle East: it is such an exciting, fast-moving region. Hopefully, I will be back here soon to add my contribution to this already extraordinary landscape.

Saudi Arabia is investing billions of dollars into futuristic gigaprojects and is already working with renowned architects like Jean Nouvel. Do you want to work on Saudi Arabia’s $500bn super city Neom or the various ultra-luxury tourism developments on the Red Sea?

Of course! It would be a tremendous honour to contribute to such a unique, prestigious region, looking forward and constantly evolving. The expressive design freedom is thrilling, allowing for visionary architecture that will redefine the visual and architectural landscape in the next decade.

How does the intersection of art, technology and nature play into your design philosophy?

Art, technology and nature are the pillars of my work – an essential design trinity that guides and shapes my body of work. Art represents my ultimate ambition to create something with integrity, striving to establish an emotional, evocative connection. Technology is an essential tool to develop an innovative 21st century aesthetics. Nature as a constant, inexhaustible source of inspiration and efficiency.

And finally, you were a judge for the Italian Way Design Award. What were your thoughts on the submissions and what makes a project stand out to you?

It was an enormous privilege to judge this year’s The Italian Way Product Design Award, which is now in its third edition. All entries were superlative and it was really challenging to identify the worthy winner from the five shortlisted projects.

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