Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea Project hiring designers, says CEO

Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea Project hiring designers, says CEO

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The Red Sea Project

The Red Sea Project – one of the Saudi Arabia’s gigaprojects – is ramping up the number of architectural and landscape designers it hires, as the multibillion-dollar project gathers pace.

The Red Sea Development Company is leading what it calls one of the world’s most ambitious tourism initiatives, covering 28,000km² of coastline and an archipelago of more than 90 islands.

With construction already ongoing, CEO of the closed-stock development company, John Pagano, said designers for the planned luxury hotels are being appointed.

“And now we're also now very much involved with our design team,” Pagano told Commercial Interior Design’s sister title, Construction Week in a wide-ranging interview.

“We’re appointing designers; we’ve appointed the design team for the airport. We’ve started to appoint designers for the individual hotels, as well as all of the professional teams that support them – such as structural engineers, MEP, landscape architects, you name it.”

The first phase of the gigaproject — a development worth more than $10bn — is due to open in 2022. It will include 14 ultra-luxury hotels, attractions, homes, a marina, as well as leisure, shopping and entertainment amenities.

Earlier this month, the project made major progress by awarding the first key construction contract to build a 3.3km crossing to the main island hub of Shurayrah.

Nine hotel and a mix of shops and restaurants will be built on the island. The causeway linking Shurayrah to the mainland on Saudi Arabia's western coast will be built with rock sourced from 10 local quarries as part of an initiative to support local suppliers.

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