10 quick questions with Chris Barnes, founder of Broadway Interiors

10 quick questions with Chris Barnes, founder of Broadway Interiors

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Commercial Interior Design magazine’s cover story this month is an interview with Dubai-based Broadway Interiors founder, Chris Barnes.

Look out for the full interview on designMENA and the latest issue of CID this month. 

Here we ask Barnes 10 quick questions, from design and style to music:

CID: Name your favourite hotel/restaurant project? What makes it special?

Chris Barnes: Asia Asia @ Pier 7. After three years it is still as well received as ever, which gives us pride in our efforts. I love the food and the fusion of our authentic interiors.

CID: Who is your design inspiration?

CB: I have never gained inspiration from famous designers, I am more inspired to design by music, fashion, street culture and general day to day life.

CID: What do you like doing when you’re not in the studio?

CB: Spending time with my wife and daughter, watching movies, enjoying sport and travel.

CID: Digital renderings or hand-drawn sketches?

CB: A mix of both!

CID: Colourful interiors or monochromatic?

CB: Monochromatic… with an accent of colour

CID: Minimalist or maximalist?

CB: Minimalist

CID: Which design era do you have an affinity for?

CB: Bauhaus

CID: If you could redesign any project (anywhere in the world), which one would it be and why?

CB: The F&B outlets at my home town’s new football stadium due to open in 2020.

CID: What are you listening to on your playlist?

CB: All forms of Dance music, I am a closet Dj!

CID: Favourite time of the day?

CB: Driving home after a successful days work.

Lock, Stock and Barrel by Broadway Interiors in Barsha Heights, Dubai.

Broadway Interiors is behind the design of some of Dubai’s most well-known F&B outlets, including Lock, Stock, and Barrel, for which the design team used a range of reclaimed materials, exposed brick walls and concrete flooring.


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