Creative commerce between Italy and the UAE is supporting both design industries, says Gianpaolo Bruno
17 Mar 2019
In the lead up to Italian Design Day 2019, the trade commissioner of the Italian Trade Agency for the UAE, ...
"[In the developed world], we don't even realise how much water we consume every day," says Roca's Victor Schoone
11 Mar 2019
With scores of people lacking clean water and sanitation facilities around the world, Roca, the Spanish bathroom manufacturer is embarking ...
Interview: "I never thought I'll run another design firm again after leaving dwp," says Kristina Zanic
11 Mar 2019
The founder of her eponymous design firm shares why she doesn’t believe in conforming to pressures of maintaining high visibility, ...
Video: Mike Kelley shares his tips on how to highlight interior spaces through photography
05 Mar 2019
The LA-based specialist photographer discusses the best way to capture interior projects on camera
Video: "Undercutting by design firms ruins the market for everyone," Kristina Zanic
28 Feb 2019
The designer discusses the challenges of working in a fee- and client-driven market
Interview: "If your hotel is being refurbished in three years, you likely got something wrong," says David Lessard of H+A
11 Feb 2019
David Lessard, architect and co-founder of the boutique practice, H+A, talks to Shweta Parida about the new shift in hotel ...
Video: David Lessard notes that the current wave of hotel refurbishments in Dubai follows a natural cycle
01 Feb 2019
The architect and co-founder of H+A, who has previously worked on the Yas Hotel Abu Dhabi project among others, discusses ...
Video: David Lessard shares why Dubai is not yet ready for the boutique hotel concept
29 Jan 2019
While hotel industry continues to boom in the UAE and the region, independent boutique properties are yet to become commonplace ...

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