Pictures: The Parametric Lamp

Unit Arkitektur, a Swedish architecture firm, has designed a lamp for its new office that stands together without any glueing process.

By using a graphical algorithm software, Grasshopper, Unit Arkitektur designed a 4×0.6m lamp constructed by putting together 103 individual parts of wood. These were laser cut from 3 mm birch plywood.

“The pieces have been put together with zero tolerance and hence no glue,” said Mikael Frej, co-founder, Unit Arkitektur.

“All parameters are in place and we can now mass produce this 70s-retro-pool-hall-light-fixture to the masses,” he added. He said since the lamp is of a parametric design, the parameters (form, size and material – plastic or plywood) can be changed for a specific project and pricing differs.

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