Jewers Doors lifts its tallest ever doors at 45m

UK-based firm Jewers Doors has lifted into place doors that are 45 metres high at the new Nakilat super yacht facility in Qatar, the firm said in a statement.

The company has previously designed, manufactured and installed exceptionally large doors for buildings such as aircraft hangars but these are the tallest doors it has built in its 29-year history.

Two Esavian doors totalling 45.1m high and 69.9m wide have been installed. Each door weighs 68 tonnes and three giant cranes where used in the lifting process.

The new facility is phase 4A of an ongoing development by international construction group, Eversendai Corporation at Nakilat Ship Repair Yard, Ras Laffan Industrial City, Qatar.

The hall is being built for the final outfitting and painting of super yacht hulls as well as for refitting and upgrading the yachts and naval vessels.

Although these are the tallest doors Jewers Doors has built, in terms of area they are actually smaller than the 582m by 25.85m doors supplied for the Royal Airwing hangar at Dubai International Airport.

Esavian director, Jonathan Jewers, said: “There is definitely a trend towards larger and larger buildings, especially in the aircraft and shipping maintenance and repair sectors. Just a few years ago we were supplying doors 21 metres high and 100 metres wide for aircraft hangars and now dimensions of 28 metres and 240 metres (sometimes multiples of these) are quite common. Together with the increase in size, our Esavian doors now have sophisticated safety and control mechanisms and class-leading ‘green’ features.”

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