Video: Patricia Urquiola on Cassina and embracing change in design

Spanish architect, designer, and art director of Italian brand Cassina, speaks to designMENA about the evolution of Cassina as a brand, and how design should embrace change.

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“It is an honour for me to be connected to a company that has been connected so strongly with design for nine decades and has been related to some of the most important architects and designers. It has a lot of strong research and a lot of heritage and an incredible archive of 600 pieces,” she said.

“All this can be a kind of heaviness, an important heaviness but a fantastic thing. But I think when you have in front of you a responsibility that can be heavy and strong, you have to live it in a kind of light way. When you turn ninety years old, you either decide you’re an old person, or you decide you are finally young,” Urquiola jokes.

Cassina showcase space in new Poltrona Frau Group ME showroom in Dubai.

Urquiola opened her studio in 2001 in Milan, having designed for global brands, and collaborated with some of the most well-known names of Italian design including Maddalena de Padova, Piero Lissoni, and Patrizia Moroso. Three years ago, Urquiola was named art director of 90-year old design brand Cassina.

Urquiola was in Dubai on the occasion of Poltrona Frau Group ME’s new showroom opening on Jumeirah Road, which showcases three Italian brands: Cassina, Cappellini, and Poltrona Frau.

She also spoke to designMENA about how words like technology and sustainability are being used in limited ways. 

Look out for full interview with Patricia Urquiola on designMENA and the latest issue of Commercial Interior Design magazine! 

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