Temporary Museum for New Design

Temporary Museum for New Design

Kusch+Co, Lumiotec, The Temporary Museum for New Design

Guests are wowed by Kusch+Co’s ‘symphony of seating’ while Lumiotec presents its ‘Line Light Fall’ installation

The Temporary Museum for New Design, is an exhibition that runs at the same time as Salone del Mobile to host projects by big name companies in an edgy way but also up-and-coming talent.

Following the “less fair more museum” concept, it celebrated its fourth year in Via Tortona 27, at Superstudio Più, with a second venue called the Extension at Superstudio 13.

The project, curated by Gisella Borioli with Giulio Cappellini’s creative direction, had more than 50 exhibitions, with presentations endorsed by design stars such as Italo Rota (for Samsung), Giulio Cappellini (for Alcantara), Carlo Colombo (for Cristalplant), the brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana (for Cosentino) and Oki Sato (for Nendo).

The theme this year was ‘Telling a story’, a design told by words, aphorisms and letterings.

Highlights included contract furnisher Kusch+Co, which displayed its designer seating in an exhibition covering 180 m²; the installation ‘White Air’, by Carlo Colombo for Cristalplant & Poliform; and Planika fireplaces, which can be used both indoors and outside.

In tandem with Atelier Brückner, whose philosophy is based on the credo ‘form follows content”, the Kusch+Co exhibition stand was made to look like a ‘scenographic synthesis of the arts’, telling the story of the company through texts, interviews, images, and short films so that visitors can understand the origins of the family business.

The design history of the contract seating manufacturer includes designers, such as Prof. Luigi Colani who worked for Kusch+Co in 1968 and included chairs such as Bina, by Frank Person. A compact-sized wooden-framed chair. 3000 Njord. A blend of side chair and armchair and 8000, by Porsche Design Studio.

The finale of the presentation was the return of the 80s folding chair 2750 Soley, the award-wining design by Valdimar Hardarson, voted ‘Furniture of the Year 1984′. Its design language is characterised by clear-cut geometric shapes, and melding circles with rectangles.

‘White Air’, by Carlo Colombo for Cristalplant & Poliform has non conventional organic shapes, holograms, and light and shadow effects. The exhibition was divided into two areas: one for the prototypes of the award-winning products of the Cristalplant Design Contest 2012, and a central area for the interactive holograms of winning products.

The contest was open to men and women born after 1972, to design an innovative project using Cristalplant as a base material and inspired by Poliform’s style. The prizes for the winning projects fell into “tables or small tables” and “furnishing accessories” and the winners will be included in the Poliform catalogue. Architect, Colombo is known for his work as an ambassador for Italian design.

After the success of ‘Forest of Evolution’ at Milano Design Week 2011, Lumiotec presented ‘Line Light Fall’ this year. The installation was developed by Milan-based Japanese architect/designer, Naohiko Mitsui using Oled panels and came in a small box shape of 40m².

The design looked like it sat in an infinite crevasse defined by two huge cascade walls of luminous lines. The concept of the installation was “Technology + Solitude + Infinity”.

Planika was set up 10 years ago and produces and distributes bio fireplaces. It works with designers including Christophe Pillet (Jar and Groundfloor), Arik Levy (Fire Small, Fire High, Fire Table, Fire Coffee) and Serge Atallah (Bubble).

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