Swiss Bureau completes interiors of the new auditorium in Dubai’s Knowledge Village

Interior design studio Swiss Bureau has recently completed the design of the auditorium building in Knowledge Village, Dubai.

“This was a truly exciting project for the SBID team. The brief from the client was to design a space that could be used for different purposes, age groups and events. These events ranged from conferences to movie screenings and student debate nights. This had to be open and easily converted to suit any type of event,” says Joakim de Rham, CEO of Swiss Bureau.

Swiss Bureau came up with a concept that would link the four main spaces through two large tunnels. Both tunnels lead to the different food and beverage areas and to the auditorium, which is fully covered in wood. These tunnels would give direction to the visitors and lead people from one space to the other.

Reception area.

The lighting has been carefully selected and mounted either with lightning lines on the ceiling or with a light box wall that directs visitors to the entrance of the auditorium.

“We gave importance to define the different spaces by playing with the various materials and different ceilings heights. A combination of wood parquet in the passage combined with a light travertine floor and cement finishes on the walls,” adds de Rham.

Lounge area.

Both tunnels in itself would house different functions other than being a passage way. The first tunnel has a reception, a bench, a lounge, planters and information screen integrated.

The second tunnel was fitted with a food and beverage counter, information board and passage way to toilets and the Auditorium.

Food & Beverage area.

De Rham continues: “To further connect these tunnels we’ve added directional lights in the ceiling to enforce the sense of direction. The main materials used are light and clean. We’ve used American oak for the tunnels and travertine for the floor.”

The remaining walls are slightly textured concrete to make the space less formal and slightly industrial.

Textured concrete.

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