Sao Paulo and Seoul beat Dubai in skyline ranking

Sao Paulo and Seoul beat Dubai in skyline ranking

Dubai’s skyline is ranked number eight in the world, behind Sao Paulo and Seoul, according to building data company Emporis.

Despite its array of iconic towers such as Burj Khalifa, Emirates Towers and the Burj Al Arab, Dubai fell short on the data-based survey. Dubai’s skyline was also trumped by Hong Kong, New York City, Chicago, Singapore and Shanghai.

China had the highest number of skylines in the top 20, with six cities. Apart from Dubai, no other Middle East cities appeared in the top 20.

This listing was drawn entirely from statistics in the Emporis database and reflects only completed high-rise buildings. The calculation does not include TV towers, masts, bridges, or other structures.

Each building was assigned points based on floor count and the point total for each city is calculated automatically.

Hong Kong was the clear winner with 130,000 points while New York was second with almost 40,000 points. Dubai scored close to 15,000 points.

Emporis’ top 20 skylines

1. Hong Kong
2. New York City
3. Chicago
4. Singapore
5. São Paulo
6. Seoul
7. Shanghai
8. Dubai
9. Bangkok
10. Tokyo
11. Guangzhou
12. Moscow
13. Toronto
14. Chongqing
15. Shenzhen
16. Beijing
17. Kuala Lumpur
18. Rio de Janeiro
19. Mumbai
20. Macao

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