Samuel Creations delivers new design for 5-star hospital in the UAE

Emirates Hospital and Cosmesurge is preparing to launch three new five-star hospitals throughout the UAE, with locations including Abu Dhabi, Jumeirah and Motor City. With each hospital containing a different amount of in-patient rooms and facilities, the overall design scheme of each will follow the same contemporary and elegant layout.

In Abu Dhabi, The Emirates Hospital and Cosmesurge is a 40-bed hospital spread across five levels. According to Linda van der Walt, design director of Samuel Creations, the design firm awarded the project, Abu Dhabi’s branch will specialise in cosmetic surgery and women’s health. Specialities will include areas of reproductive medicine, neonatal care, diagnostics, therapeutic and surgical services. The Jumeirah branch will be similar with 55-bed spaces spread across six floors.

In Motor City, it will be just the Emirates Hospital without the Cosmesurge department. Motor City’s Emirates Hospital will be a day-care medical centre with 16 consultation rooms, three laser treatment rooms, one phlebotomy zone, one vital signs zone, a pharmacy, laboratory, radiology area, internal patient recovery rooms, three operating theatres as well as a coffee shop.

According to van der Walt, the brief requested a hospital that was contemporary, elegant and functional. One that was customer-centric and emitted a sense of calm. The design was to appeal to an international patient base that delivered a warm and friendly atmosphere, the latest technology and would, of course, meet international standards.

Upon entering each Emirates Hospital, the lobby follows a similar design layout with each one maintaining small differences. The most notable elements upon entering each hospital is the metal design suspended from the top of the atrium, which reflects light in different directions. “Designed in-house, the metal and light piece is an organic piece that is suspended in all the naturally lit atriums within all three hospitals,” explains van der Walt.

Below the metal light piece are organically shaped sofas covered in a vibrant blue textile. These couches wrap around the lobbies, creating comfortable seating for visitors, as well as a warm welcome to the hospital. Organic shapes are common throughout the Emirates Hospital design, from the seating and tables to the carpet displays and metal piece in the lobby. Also inn the hospital’s lobby, white reception desks take on angled forms, subconsciously directing visitors to entre beyond the lobby area. Additionally, grey carpets swoop beneath the blue couches, and on them a white geometric design evoking large pebbles fades out.

“We had to provide adequate seating in the waiting areas and keep a sense of privacy between men and [women]. Each department has a different colour theme, and the blue sofas continue the organic theme,” says van der Walt.

Once beyond the lobby area, each level continues organic shapes, as the centre metal piece and natural light stream from above. The naturally formed reception desks can be found throughout, and greenery is envisioned upon different walls in various spaces. With green being the colour of life, seeing forestry painted on the walls no doubt uplifts the emotional wellbeing of many patients, reminding them of what’s beyond the hospital’s borders.

Furthering the nature appeal, timber elements are abundant from the lobby to the top level. Bordering the walls and ceilings, light wooden panels and golden lighting create a sense of health and warmth.

“We wanted to add a sense of warmth and luxury to the spaces,” explains van der Walt. “So we introduced treated oak to certain areas. Oak is generally a lighter yet warm timber with an interesting grain. The timber was also used in the atriums to enhance the architecture of the interior of the building.”

Throughout the hospitals, different seating areas are created and follow the colour palette distinct to that section. For example, the Plastic Surgery stations have a peach and orange colour range while histopathology boasts light tones of green. In each, their seating areas continue the hues. Offering a sense of privacy to each seating area are suspended perforated screens. The screens are transparent while evoking a sense of boundary and space limit.

Inside the patient rooms, state-of-the-art technology and patient furniture is used to ensure that the Emirates Hospital meets its five-star criteria. Throughout the hospital the materials used are specially made to meet healthcare standards.

“All materials and fabrics need to be to the highest healthcare standards and at the same time look good and be functional,” explains van der Walt. “Storage is always a challenge for the medical staff, so it was vital to create specific areas for working and storage in the patient rooms, consultation rooms and nurse stations.

“There is a lot of MEP in a hospital, so it was challenging to create interesting spaces that looked ‘clean’ and simple. For example, the corridors and the patient rooms. [Our aim] was to create a unique environment without losing the functional aspect.”

The Emirates Hospital and Cosmesurge is set to be the first five-star health clinic in the region, explains van der Walt.

She adds: “These days, the trend is to have a hospitality feel in hospitals, where for example, there are VIP rooms and royal suites that are fitted out to the highest standards. And there are VIP entrances to the hospitals.

“More importantly, it is how the client will be operating the hospitals with top level service offered. The Emirates Hospitals and Cosmesurge will be the first five-star hospitals in the region, with the creation of unique, creative and very high living concepts. This is what will differentiate them from other hospitals.”


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