Residential project in Istanbul is a combination of nature and urbanism

Residential project in Istanbul is a combination of nature and urbanism

A residential project which combines urbanism and nature is set to become a major new feature on the skyline of Istanbul.

The 50-storey 263m tall Nurollife is the design of architect Hakan Kiran and is sited in a busy part of the city close to both the central business district, retail malls and the 52,000 stadium used by football club Galatasaray.

But it is also adjacent to Fatih Forest, one of the woodland areas which dot the vast metropolis and both factors were a key part of the vision.

Kiran said: “The project is in the heart of the city and takes full account of the highways and infrastructure being aligned alongside the roads. But the apartments have windows which look out across the forested valley as well. So on one side you have a cityscape and the other the work of nature.

“I wanted to design a building which is human in scale and with a low rise part reflecting the greenery and a high-rise the energy of the urban environment.”

The building includes 440 apartments and 50 offices with 23 elevators. The 50th floor has a bar for the use of residents and their guests and there is also a café next to a swimming pool.

Windows stretch the four metres from floor to ceiling in the residential spaces and can be opened.

“Again it is about the human factor,” said Kiran, who incorporated his work on restoring heritage buildings in his design for the skyscraper. “Most windows in high-rises are sealed but I wanted people to breath the open air. I used locally sourced stone for the construction as well to give the building a natural feel.

“Whether you live in a high or low-rise you need to live in a human way.”

The project is part of a major building investment in the city of Istantul with Nurol, which has development, construction and financial arms, playing a leading role.

The company is also constructing the 35-storey 158m tall Nurol Tower which is aq triangular design by architect Turgut Toydemir and features apartments which can be used as home offices. Each can be individually interior-decorated by its owner.

 Nurol Holding is a Turkish industrial conglomerate operating in construction, defense manufacturing, energy, and tourism. Founded in 1966 the company is celebrating its 50th year by inviting GGC investors to Istanbul.





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