Renovation of Grand Hyatt Dubai completed by HBA

Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA) used local culture, artisty, craft  and lifestyle when designing Al Manzil (Grand Hyatt Dubai’s residence space), Ahasees Spa & Club, and The Living Room, Grand Hyatt Dubai’s nightlife venue.

Al Manzil
In line with Hyatt’s ‘Residence’ concept, Al Manzil is a curated environment made up of  Arabic rhythms and patterns. Inspiration was  drawn from the designs found in door-­hardware around  the city and from the design in hand-crafted local  jewelry.

The artwork collection is fashioned by these Arabic motifs witha contemporary twist. Jewelry pattern details were emulated and enlarged, painted onto floor-to-ceiling canvas panels, magnified and stylised.

In local culture Arabic homes are often built around a central courtyard with rooms opening in toward the courtyard. Similarly, guests enter Al Manzil through grand timber paneled doors into a central courtyard-like space. Immediately to one side is the open kitchen, lounge and dining  areas on the other  side. After passing through the central space, meeting facilities open off to either side, followed by the conservatory space.

Skylights evoke the feeling of natural light, covering a backlit stretch fabric wall with warm light. The colour palette is made up of strong contrasting colors and finishes – dark red onyx marble,  red velvets, bronze metal, dark timbers and embossed leathers in buttery cream and tan.

Arabic patterns can be seen in the furniture with laser cut metal tables and pendants, embossed leathers, and white washed timber Moroccan style chairs. The patterns are also depicted in the geometric flooring design in the courtyard entry, which is  outlined in gold mosaic against cream marble.

The residential feel is carried through to the timber flooring covered with loose rugs sourced  and made in the Middle East.

The kitchen features full cooking and entertaining facilities in a honey onyx. The space has dark timber millwork, cream Kinon wall panels and soft cream flooring.

Ahasees Spa & Club
The  lower level is made up of a palette composed of white marble, contrasting dark tones  of walnut woods and copper metals. Warm  mid-­tones of amber and sand with finishes of custom coloured Kinon were used to contrast the iridescent copper glass mosaics and  metal wall tiles.

In sync with the contemporary design are accents of Arabic design, featuring large-­scale abstract geometric patterns engraved into the bronze-tinted glass shower  doors. The new extension of the Upper level carries soft colour tones and finishes. Timber flooring at the reception and staircase in Antico Larch Grigio, with accentuated grain, give a textured  surface and an ‘aged’ look and feel.

The colour tones and textures complemented by the hand-­tufted rugs with their dusky pink shade are intensified by the wool and silk make. Tactile soft surfaces were created using silk wall paneling and leather. Mosaic floors, timber flooring and polished Perlata plaster add to the the butter leather touch. Patterns of  the surrounding environment are laser-­cut  into the surface of tables.

The treatment rooms  are an extension of Arabic design language. Each room has luminous mother of pearl tiles and bronze etched  glass with Arabic designs. Custom laser cut henna pattern pendants  hang from the ceiling.

In the relaxation rooms, customised three-­dimensional stone cut angled walls are a highlight. A series of sand dune photographs with Arabic poetry inscribed are on display throughout the space. Henna patterned over-­scaled backlit panels feature in the treatment rooms.

The Living Room Dubai
The layout of the space  is composed  of a central bar area with off-­shoots of smaller intimate ‘Living Room’ spaces. A sunken lounge with a long curved  feature wall is off to one side of  the central bar. The main bar counter is clad in textured metal sourced from De Ferranti, a London-based company.

The bar counter  concept is then carried into each of  the living rooms, this then links each room with the next space through open portals. The ceiling of the  main bar is a series of ‘light boxes’ at varying heights.

The artwork  played a major role  in creating the atmosphere. The concept was to work with different media such as  glass and metal to create dimension. HBA worked directly with the  artists to develop the commissioned works of art.

The main entrance pivot doors were created as 2mW x 2mH  artworks. When closed, the doors no longer appear as doors. Iconic images printed onto aluminum sheets and clad to the doors create a contemporary look and feel. The two doors can be alternated so the artwork changes.

Much of the artwork was commissioned for the project from  the “White on White” oil on Aluminum piece by UK-based artist Julia Brooker. Commissioned art in collaboration with photographer Gianni Mosella involved creating pieces  printed onto aluminum.

The Velvet  Lounge uses vivid hues of purples and magenta with a hint of gold. The room has a velvet sheen seen in the curved walls,  padded in soft leather. The floor complements the walls with leather floor tiles. The European Lounge has Louis VX chairs upholstered  in modern day fabrics and pearlised leathers with black lacquer frames. The architectural colours are white on white. The room is has tones of grey and vivid  orange. In line with  the Louis  XIV chair, an entire wall is clad in  antiqued mirror. The Chinese Lounge, with vibrant  reds and blacks create a sense of drama. The space features two oversized heavily adorned chandeliers in crystal and velvet. The chandeliers were  sourced from a local supplier, Petals. One wall  is attributed to a photographic scene  from a Chinese nightclub.

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