Pictures: Islamic foundation HQ in Dubai

Lacasa’s competition design for the Headquarters of Awqaf & Minority Affairs Foundation (AMAF) in Dubai was in response to the client’s request for a highly contemporary building.

The result was a series of “sharp, edgy, and dynamic forms that imply a desire to stretch out from the site to the rest of the city,” according to principal designer Ihab Nayal.

Due to the fact that AMAF is an Islamic foundation, the building contains an abstract courtyard within the site, while the design language uses Islamic patterns and motifs.

Although Lacasa won the first prize among many consultants in Dubai, the project remains unbuilt.

Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation (AMAF) is a Dubai government department responsible for the legal supervision over the Awqaf, its care and investment, as well as the well-being of minors.

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