Pictures: Henning Larsen’s sculptural bank HQ

Danish firm Henning Larsen Architects has released images of its design for Nordea Bank’s new headquarters in Copenhagen.

The 40,000m2 scheme will contain Scandinavia’s largest trading hall at 5,500m2.

Set for completion in 2016, the scheme is gunning for LEED Platinum status and will house 1,800-2,200 employees.

The sculptural building sits within a sloping park landscape to the south, with an open ground floor and tile facades on the lower northern floors.

Office functions are placed at a higher level, while shared outward functions are located at street level.

“Nordea’s new building interacts with the city, opens up and invites for activity at different levels. It will be a place in the city that offers activity inside as well as outside,” said Louis Becker, design director Henning Larsen Architects.

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