Objects of Desire: Meet the sponsors

Objects of Desire is rounding its fourth edition of publication and this month we ask the sponsors what they’re looking forward to

For the fourth consecutive year, Commercial Interior Design will select 100 remarkable designs for the annual Objects of Desire coffee-table book, sourcing products from design fairs, showrooms, books and whatever else that caught our eye.

From the classics to more recent works by famous and emerging designers, this year’s Objects of Desire will showcase a compilation of products that speak to our current generation of designers, incorporating an exploration of materials to present the many ways they can be used to create a variety of forms and concepts.

This year we will be focusing on interesting forms and uses of materials, ranging from lighting, furniture, carpets and outdoor furniture, to every-day objects. Sustainable design will also be on the radar for this year’s book so look out for some of the amazing environmentally-friendly design work by designers, regional and international.

Having travelled across Europe and visited some prominent design fairs, Commercial Interior Design has observed some wonderful pieces to share with our audience. Some are very well known and were impossible not to include and some were gems we stumbled upon while looking at various design projects.

Design Days Dubai also had some signature pieces that will make their presence known within our pages, including work by German-based Elisa Strozyk, who designs with wooden textiles, and pieces from Rick Owen’s sinister Pre-Historic collection.

As per usual, there will be a launch party taking place on the 7th of May at the recently opened The Mine gallery in Al Quoz, where guests can mingle, network and enjoy the fresh vibe and music while flipping through the new edition of Objects of Desire.

The best part about the launch party though, is its art gallery feel where guests can actually look at some of the objects featured in the book supplied by our sponsors: TDesign, Preciosa, Roca, Vann Design, Crystal Arc and Bolon. Expect to see some brilliant lighting fixtures, wellness products, and intricately crafted carpet tiles.

Having some of the pieces exhibited at the launch party allows guests to observe and admire the various designs and get a stronger sense of why these products stand out from so many great objects available on the market.

And with the growth of the design industry in Dubai, Objects of Desire helps create a common ground for designers and industry insiders to come together and share a night of appreciation and love for good design.

This year, we decided to interview each of our sponsors to see their views and expectations of the event, and more importantly, to find out what desirable objects will be on show at this year’s event.

T Design
Lily Eskandari, business development manager

Tell us about T Design?
TDesign is a multifaceted space that consists of a showroom and features bespoke limited edition collections, as well as luxury design and custom-made pieces. At TDesign, our professional staff offers a wide array of inspiring design opportunities, professional advice, as well as exchanges and experiences for global customers, connoisseurs, designers, architects and lifestyle industry insiders.

Situated under the iconic Burj Khalifa on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, the most coveted address in the popular area of Downtown Dubai, TDesign’s brand provides an innovative
approach to exclusive high-end design pieces, interior design solutions and decoration.

Why are you sponsoring Objects of Desire?
Objects of Desire is a great opportunity for professionals within the industry to be introduced to the latest novelty objects which are the essence of creation within the interior design world.

What do you think about the Objects of Desire coffee table book?
It is a great tool for professionals within the design world as well as the general consumers to preserve and enjoy the collection of memorable creations done by some of the best artisans of this era.

What are you exhibiting this year?
This year, T design will be exhibiting exceptional pieces from Daum, Lalique and Barovier Toso.

Michaela McClelland, sales manager, lighting division

Why are you sponsoring Objects of Desire?
We are passionate about design and we like to contribute and be part of events which help to grow and develop the design scene. Objects of Desire enables us every year to introduce something new and exciting to this region from our field of custom-made lighting and at the same time become part of a unique publication, showcasing other interesting design concepts.

What do you think about the Objects of Desire coffee table book?
The format evokes curiosity, the cover is very catchy, but the most interesting is the content and the growing quality of the featured objects.

What did you think of last year’s launching event?
Objects of Desire 2013 had a very good vibe, some excellent designs were showcased and most importantly few good design dialogues were being discussed throughout the event.

What are you exhibiting this year?
We will showcase our revolutionary lighting object called Element. It is a unique chandelier, which has an aura of futurism combined with lightness. This innovative marvel is made from a single piece of bohemian glass, slumped onto a mould. To light it we are using only LED strips and printed circuits. The fusion of unique design and innovation creates a strong, yet subtle presence.

Crystal Arc
Saifuddin Mustansir, managing director

Tell us about Crystal Arc?
Crystal Arc, as the name implies, gives life to the crystal by creating unique designs and shapes through our team of dedicated professionals by their painstaking research, innovation and superior craftsmanship. We are also quality makers of customised projects for special events like birthdays, weddings and anniversaries.

What do you think about the Objects of Desire coffee table book?
It is a very impressive and very high class book.

Why are you sponsoring Objects of Desire?
We decided to sponsor as this is a very prestigious event with the correct target audience. It is an honour for us to sponsor this event.

What did you think about last year’s event?
It was an extremely good event. We are expecting a larger crowd this year.

What are you exhibiting this year?
We will be promoting products from our exclusive brand Nakawa and also promoting our new Gallery in Al Quoz.

How do you think functions like Objects of Desire impact the design scene in Dubai?
It targets the correct audience and there are not many classy shows like this. Therefore, it is one of the best shows currently in Dubai.

Samer Deeb, marketing and specification manager, Middle East

Why are you sponsoring Objects of Desire?
The event allows designers to get familiar with innovative design solutions and as Roca we are honoured to be able to contribute to the challenging world of interior design.

What did you think about last year’s launching event?
Since the beginning, Roca has believed in the event as a great way to strengthen relationships and facilitate the communication between the different professionals in the business. Last year’s event was another great success during which we enjoyed making more partners in the design industry.

What do you think about the Objects of Desire coffee table book?
The book is very good and luxurious and it’s a great vehicle to transmit and enhance knowledge about design, innovation, sustainability and wellbeing values with which Roca fully

What are you exhibiting this year?
This year we will show a bathtub (In-flow), which is a new wellness experience that involves ergonomic space, allows one to comfortably enjoy the moment, consumes less water, offers more relaxation, while needing only 75 litres to perform. It is environment friendly and sustainable.

Vann Furniture & Interior Design
Espino Soodbakhsh, managing director

Why are you sponsoring Objects of Desire?
Objects of Desire is a one of a kind event in many ways. It is a very good opportunity for design industry professionals to network with like-minded people in a nice and informal ambiance, while getting to see the latest products of high-end manufacturers of interior design products.

What are you exhibiting at this year’s launching event ?
We are going to display one of our
latest feature light fittings. It’s one of our large scale industrial feature pendants which is the perfect means for designers to display that “raw” look.

How do you think functions like Objects of Desire impact the design scene in Dubai?
I believe that we need events like Objects of Desire to share the knowledge and bring in the latest trends to the region. We need our design industry professionals to get together with one another and also with the suppliers.

This would enable manufacturers to be more aware of the needs and requirements of the projects in this region. Plus it will give insight to designers of what is available on the market enabling them to bring yet more innovative designs to their projects. Dubai being a design hub in the region should benefit more from events of this type.

Lara El Hashem, brand manager

Why are you sponsoring Objects of Desire?
It is UBM’s goal to focus on the exposure of Bolon within the designer’s circle. We also want to raise awareness around Bolon as the future alternative to textile flooring and combining both design aspect and highly developed production technology. We want to present Bolon as a green product and with high advantages with regards to hygiene and health related aspects.

What are you exhibiting this year?
We will launch the new “Silence” collection that is also officially showing in Salone del Mobile Milan in April. We will also launch new patterns and colours that were added to the existing collection. The booth concept design and product exhibition concept will be done by a young UAE-based architecture practice as we tend to expand the ‘designer friends’ circle of Bolon.

How do you think functions like Objects of Desire impact the design scene in Dubai?
It is our belief that such functions enhance the challenge to innovate and develop new products that answer the market’s need. We also appreciate the opportunity it creates to bring together the end users and designers and increasing the number of artistic activities in UAE where these two players learn about each other’s mindsets and goals.

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