Middle East needs more green retrofits says USGBC chairman

Middle East needs more green retrofits says USGBC chairman

The US Green Building Council’s chairman of the board, Mark MacCracken, believes that more developers in the Middle East should retrofit their projects with sustainable measures.

Speaking to Middle East Architect, MacCracken said: “In the Middle East, a lot of people want to do the right thing – look at Masdar.  There are people that are focused on the new construction side, but we’ve also got to go after the existing buildings.”

He added that the green retrofit on the 509-metre-high Taipei 101, which was awarded LEED Platinum status last week, has “taken the excuses away”.

When asked if an average tower on Sheikh Zayed Road could be retrofitted to attain LEED certification, he said: “Sure, you could do it. You could make it Certified and you might be able to get to Silver.”

He continued: “A lot of it has to do with what you are bringing into the building and how you are doing the reconstruction and what you do with your waste. You need a certain amount of energy performance but it’s not a spectacularly high level. I think retrofits are definitely doable.”

MacCracken added that one of the current focuses for the USBGC is a green schools initiative. He explained: “The goal is to get every student in a green school within a generation. The reason we feel that is so important is that it’s kind of infectious. If you get the kids doing it right, it’s going to spread to the parents.”

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