Kontra converts an old Istanbul factory into a laid back office space

Kontra converts an old Istanbul factory into a laid back office space

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Challenging the common features of the traditional office designs, Kontra, an Istanbul-based design studio, created a laid-back and flexible work space for Kolektif House Levent. Highlighting the design and art, the design, led by Meyir Gabay, focuses on collective work and collaboration.

Located in Levent, one of the business centres of Istanbul, Kolektif House stands on the grounds of an old broderie factory, occupying a total area of 2700 sqm, encompassing a 1500 sqm entrance floor and a 1200sqm mezzanine.

Designed by Kontra, it was structurally designed to accommodate the needs of different types of staff, providing 75 private offices as well as facilities for 150 nomad members.

Making use of a combination of materials such as firebricks, raw iron, exposed concrete, OSB (oriented strand board), glass and wood, the project stands out in the centre of the city with its distinct, industrial style.

The original firebricks in the walls of the building have been preserved and, together with the iron joinery, reminiscent of the structure’s industrial past, these create a common language for offices that have been left with blank panel walls that offer the opportunity to exhibit graphic arts to define each separate corporate identity.

The interior is highlighted with conference rooms that were designed with a “green office” approach, accentuated by graphics inspired by nature and carpets boasting of a watercolour effect. The different designs of the six conference rooms accommodate corporate meetings and provide users with different gathering areas that offer full rein to a range of concepts.

All of the furniture used in the Kolektif House project has been custom-designed and manufactured by Kontra. The Office Chair, from KONTRA’s own collection, was used in the common office spaces and conference halls.

Kolektif House has inspired the analogy of creating a house that incorporates spacious spaces with pitched roofs in various spots of the structure, with scattered objects and wheel mechanisms highlighting the design.

OSB was used in the construction of the common areas, telephone booths and in the bathroom as partitions.

The event hall, one of the prominent spaces in the building, features wooden tiers that seat a large number of people and a multilevel and high-ceiling structure, which serves to conceal mechanical systems. A multi-functional hall can be used for seminars, parties, educational activities and other social events.

The high standing bar, tables and stools at the Geyik Café, is a casual place to take a break and has been included in the project as a food-and-drink adjunct to the multifunction event hall.

The office gardens blend in seamlessly with the wooden terraces and the surrounding landscape.

Fast facts

Project name: Kolektif House Levent

Interior design: Kontra

Project location: Istanbul, Turkey

Total project area: 2.700 sqm


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