A fusion of taste

A fusion of taste

LW Design

LW Design creates a three-dimensionally curved organic shaped counter which had to be lifted by crane into the amador restaurant, Abu Dhabi

UAE: Amador is the signature restaurant of three-Michelin star chef Juan Amador at the Park Rotana, Abu Dhabi. It combines a tapas cellar and a formal fine dining venue designed by LW Design.
Jesper Godsk, creative partner, LWD said it won the project thanks to an ongoing relationship with the client over many years.

“We were told it was going to be run by a three-Michelin star chef with a Spanish heritage and that a Spanish/German background influenced his cuisine,” said Godsk.

“We needed to create a versatile space which could independently operate as a bar or a restaurant and allow guests to transit between the two. A private dining space was required, but we wanted this to feel as though it was linked to the main dining area and not isolated.”

The design team used rustic, Spanish features as a starting point for inspiration but, gave these a twist to create a modern and contemporary atmosphere.

It was inspired by traditional building features, such as barrel-vaulted and beamed ceilings and complemented these clean lines with a statement curved bar, organically designed to look like a single piece of metal.

Full height “letter walls”, made from individual letters were mounted together to give a three-dimensional feature. We were inspired by the branding irons used on cattle, but gave this a slick, metal paint finish with directional lighting to create a statement, feature wall.

“We played on textures by using backlit onyx in the tasting room and mixed this with textured linens, cowhide stools with smooth leather and slick glass and dark metal. The intent was to make it look like wrought iron,” aaded Godsk.

“The wrought iron theme is continued in the oversized light fittings in the bar, private dining and tasting room which mixed wrought iron with teardrop-shaped glass bulbs to add a touch of glamour.”

LWD customised resin panels with a shagreen texture and finished in a metal coating. The final result is made to look like leather panels, which adds a level of luxury to the entry doors and on the private dining ceiling.

“As this was a three-Michelin star chef’s restaurant, the kitchen played a very important role. We needed to ensure it was carefully integrated into our design, so we spent a lot of time at the beginning working with the client and chef to achieve the result,” said Godsk.

“The feature bar was a three-dimensionally curved organic shape, so we spent a lot of time developing the concept with the contractor to ensure it was exactly as we envisioned it. It was also a challenge not just to physically create the bar but to actually get it into the restaurant; a crane had to be used and it was lifted in through the balcony as it couldn’t get in through the main hotel.

“The design is intended to both wow the guest and create a relaxed atmosphere. It has a very grand and majestic atmosphere from the entry point onwards; with large pivot doors at the entrance, followed by full height letter walls and large barrel-vaulted ceilings.”

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