Fishy facade for Saudi museum

Fishy facade for Saudi museum

FXFOWLE, Museum, Saudi Arabia

FXFOWLE’s Museum of Built Environment, currently under construction in Saudi’s King Abdullah Financial District, will parade an unusual facade that resembles fish scales.

The upper facade of the museum comprises prismatic laminated glass, which dips to create a textured effect.

Speaking to Middle East Architect, Sudhir Jambhekar, senior partner at FXFOWLE, said: “It’s going to be unique – I don’t know any other facades that are similar.”

He added: “Each prism contains four triangular pieces. The triangle in the middle will dip by four to six inches. This creates an amazing textural quality that resembles fish scales.”

According to Jambhekar, the contents of the 31,587m2 museum will fall into four categories – discovery, calligraphy, art and architectural history and the built environment.

The museum is conceived as an ‘attractor’ for the district, along with nine other public buildings such as an aquarium and a library.

Site excavation is underway and completion is scheduled for November 2012.

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