Expo 2015: Kuwait Pavilion by Studio Italo Rota

The Kuwait pavilion for the Expo 2015 in Milan reveals how its people use education and technology to help build a society that contributes to global development.

Designed by Studio Italo Rota, the pavilion will showcase a fertile land that is built through the proper use of natural resources.

The design of the pavilion also addresses ideas such as the solution for food production in Kuwait as well strengthening ties with Italy.

The architectural project presents the basis of contemporary Kuwaiti society and identity, its mix of cultural tradition and scientific modernity. The pavilion is modeled on sails from traditional dhow boats that are used in the Gulf region, in addition to greenhouse surfaces and hydroponic agricultural systems of Kuwait.

The tour offers a sensory experience made up of a number of stations and analogical and multimedia interactive applications.

The pavilion starts off by representing Kuwait’s natural elements: desert, sun and water, continuing on to illustrate how the co-operation between education, technology and science is helping Kuwaits build a modern and ambitious society that is energetic and capable of contributing to global development.

It features a number of sustainable projects the Gulf country has developed in fields of desalination and recycling water, renewable energy, humanitarian aid, agriculture development and fishing resources.

The ending comprises in introducing visitors to Kuwaiti hospitality by reproducing a traditional souk, where the public can find traditional goods and purchase the county’s main products. People can also meet sellers, cooks and narrators that will recount their stories.


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