Dynamic media facade lights up South Korea

Dynamic media facade lights up South Korea

Cheonan in South Korea is now home to one of the largest media facades in the world, located on the Galleria Centercity shopping mall.

Dynamic light shows produced by more than 22,000 LED lighting points wrap the structure in a shimmering skin.

The high-power LED spotlights developed by luminaire manufacturer Zumtobel are designed to merge into the façade. The lighting installation was made in cooperation with Bonn lighting design firm ag Licht and Amsterdam architecture firm UNStudio.

“In Asia, people don’t just visit shopping malls in order to consume. In the Far East, shopping malls like Galleria Centercity are also a place for social interaction,” said Ben van Berkel, the architect in charge of the shopping mall and UNStudio’s director.

“Shaping the shopping mall as a living space required, externally as well as internally, a unique design force capable of attracting visitors, inviting them to linger and motivating them to return,” added van Berkel.

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