DPM Interior Design gives new Dubai lounge a vintage pub feel

Known as Composita, the new lounge in Dubai Marina aimed for an interior inspired by vintage British pubs. With Mattia Michelon, general manager of DPM Interior Design on board, the client And Lounge could trust that an unexplored pool of design in Dubai would be developed for Composita.

Michelon explains: “Originally the client’s idea was to follow an English style concept. Our modus operandi at DPM is to capture the customer’s demand, personalise it to their real needs, which involves deeply understanding their core ideas and values, and complete it with unique concepts.

“For example, in the first phase of research and development for the design concept, we wanted to suggest an unusual atmosphere for this space, proposing to create a pleasant and relaxing ambience, but at the same time, sparkly and witty, a type of design unknown so far to the futuristic city of Dubai.”

Measuring at 520m2, Composita is not what you would call large, but Michelon and his team were able to create various spaces within the lounge – maximising the end-user’s experience. With the inside area for guests coming in at 300m2 and the terrace adding up to 120m2, Michelon developed the area like an open space.

The DPM team divided Composita into various zones including a main entrance, bar area with a large service counter, seating area on the platforms and one VIP area, a DJ station and band area positioned on a stage, and of course, the terrace, which boasts lovely views of the Dubai Marina.

Michelon says: “I created a new design concept starting from a traditional English pub style,” says Michelon. “But I gave it a completely different twist—our ‘impronta’, or fingerprint—to each shape, material, area and furnishing. Different furniture pieces, different lamps, ashtrays or chairs are sitting close to each other in a contrasting yet coordinated way. I presented it as a uniform but composite style.

“Every shape, colour and material are different, but come warmly together. I developed an eccentric venue where pop-art memories and popular culture cross-references charm the guests in an industrial chic setting. The feeling is that of being at your best friend’s house with all manner of odds and ends and enticing
peculiarities. In a few words—Composita is a quirky concept design, mixing urban chic and homely décor, through an atmosphere created by materials, shapes, colours and finishes.”

Upon entering Composita, guests are welcomed by industrial materials like dark wooden parquet flooring, marble, ceramic tiles and concrete. Wooden banisters outline various sections, a design element that honours the pub’s English inspiration. Additionally, various lighting solutions supplied by Paciano Art add a soft glow to the interior and contribute to the industrial vibe with caged features.

The furniture supplied by Fushion, Marina Home Interiors, and Maison Chic are notable, as it ranges from brown leather stools that play up the part of being a pub, to vintage-looking velour and leather sofas located on the platforms.

The seating adds a strong rock-and-roll vibe which is furthered by the pop-art feature wall which exhibits images of famous cultural icons like Audrey Hepburn, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley and Martin Luther King. The other walls display patterned wall-paper supplied by Kollektion & Co.

Michelon himself also played a large role in designing the tables and chairs. He explains: “The chairs and tables are my creations, my personal designs. My company, DPM Interior Design, signed an exclusive partnership with Al Sayegh Automotive Parts, a company specialised in the production of parts for luxury cars and yachts, to develop a new furniture collection.

Al Sayegh Automotive Parts’ core specialisation is to work with carbon fibre as well as other composite materials. Our core asset is interior and industrial design. We joined forces and created a new brand – Composita Design.

“I designed this first collection by exploiting the potential of the material itself: carbon fibre. It was easy to draw smooth curves, remembering female shapes. The collection has a minimal, sensual and harmonious design. A new and unique material in the furniture sector, the Italian design and the production facility in Abu Dhabi are all winning concepts in the Middle East.”

Moreover, Michelon also worked on developing a special limited edition version of DPM’s Morbida collection standard chair in collaboration with Brazilian artist Tarsila Schubert, who is based in Dubai.

According to Michelon, Schubert’s artistic style and vision coincided with DPM’s design, colours and materials, “hence the very special result was obtained.” Michelon notes the team’s confidence that the “unique design will fit the demand of the eclectic Dubai scene.”

The VIP section also boasts a particular English rock aura, as its privacy is protected by floor-to-ceiling curtains. Chesterfield leather couches provide optimum seating, while the wallpaper displays a shelved book display.

When it comes to Composita, the space is brought together by the small details that tell the larger story.

Rubik’s Cube ashtrays, caged lighting, bespoke wallpaper, and vintage-styled velour and leather sofas combine to ooze a rock vibe while the feature wall lets us not forget those who have impacted western history.

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