CID Awards 2014: How to nominate

CID Awards 2014: How to nominate

Your essential guide for how to enter the Commercial Interior Design Awards 2014, being held on September 14 at the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai

The Commercial Interior Design Awards is back for its eighth edition, with arrangements for the glamorous ceremony at JW Marriott Marquis Dubai underway and the Commercial Interior Design team is keen on getting more readers involved than ever before.

For the past seven years, the industry’s key professionals from companies across the GCC and Levant have entered the esteemed Commercial Interior Design Awards, enthusiastic about winning not only the award of their relevant categories, but also the recognition of their peers for their hard work, endless efforts and manifested dreams.

Commercial Interior Design Awards recognises projects from all over the Middle East and North Africa, spanning across 15 different categories. Of the 15 categories, 11 reward projects from hospitality to offices, while the remaining four categories are designated to individuals, such as the Interior Designer of the Year and the Behind the Scenes awards.

This year, the industry will see a couple changes made to the categories. While we’ve removed Outdoor Design of the Year, we’ve implemented a new category Interior Design Boutique Firm of the Year.

The Interior Design Boutique Firm of the Year goes to the interior design firm with a staff of less than 20 employees that has completed the most impressive work in the past 12 months.

This year we really want readers to tell us about their colleagues’ achievements and why they are so important. The nominations process is designed to help ensure the process is as fair and transparent as possible.

In addition to submitting images of relevant work, the descriptive text allows judges to really understand the quality of work completed by the individual or firm.

Nominations for this year’s Commerical Interior Design Awards are now open, with the deadline set for Monday 21 July 2014. To help you enter and get involved, Commercial Interior Design has created an ultimate guide to understanding the awards process and ensuring your nominations stand out.

Nominations are open to all design firms and studios located in the Middle East, from the large and well-known to the independent, one-man shows. If you work in a design firm in the Middle East, then you can nominate one or more of your colleagues and projects.

It’s important to keep in mind that a project can suit one or more categories, and it can therefore be nominated for each category that the project is relevant to. However, each nomination should be made particular to the category, and copy-and-paste submissions will be less likely to stand out among competitive nominations that have been tailored to suit that specific award category.

HR managers, PR managers or marketing managers may be the best to go to for creating outstanding nomination submissions as they are more readily apt to check that all the necessary criteria is there. Additionally, we recommend having the GM or appropriate head of department included in the nomination process.

If you are the person chosen to champion the Commercial Interior Design Awards, then you have the difficult task of looking within your company’s wide portfolio and deciding what should be nominated. Ultimately, Commercial Interior Design and the judges are looking for projects and individuals that are above and beyond the usual standard of work found in the region.

It doesn’t have to be the most experienced person or most well known brand, rather a person who is conscientious and committed, who brings a fresh outlook to their role and as a result contributes something original to the industry.

Think about peers that are indispensible and inspire the rest of the team. Consider those that have overcome great odds in their careers and personal lives to achieve what they have.

Also think about the projects that are most memorable and that demand the attention of their guests, customers and clients. These are projects that set milestones in Dubai’s growing design scene, and that remind us all that we are not here to “catch Dubai up” to international standards, but rather to surpass them.

The nomination process is conducted online at Each submission should include clear images along with a 500-word text that describes why the nominated subject deserves to win that category. By going to the website mentioned above, nominators can complete submission details and email all supporting documents, including images, to
Supplying Nomination can be an overwhelming process, so before
getting started take a look at the
nominations guidelines listed below:

  1. All design firms are eligible to nominate commercial and residential projects from the MENA region that have been completed between July 2013 – July 2014.
  2. Nominations must be made by design firm representatives, and we recommend having the nominations be approved by PR / marketing agencies before being submitting.
  3. Firms are allowed to nominate projects in as many categories as they wish. Each nomination must be made separately and relevant to that specific category.
  4. For categories awarding individuals and firms, submissions must include all relevant and up to date information on achievements over the past 12 months.
  5. All nominations are free and must be submitted online at
  6. In addition to including images and text, please provide contact information in case more data is required.

If you should require anything else, please contact for nominee inquiries, for table bookings, and for sponsorship opportunities.

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