Change of seasons

Change of seasons

In this month’s feature, Victoria Redshaw and Shelley Pond, trend forecasters at Scarlet Opus, preview the spring/summer 2012 trends for interiors.

We will arrive at the spring/summer 2012 season looking at things from a different perspective, a new standpoint of positivity and determination to set things right. A global reboot.

The season’s colours work together as harmonious units, colour communities, families. It’s all about the collective.

The season’s styles are seductively sensorial; soundwaves of patterns, high pitched colours, sharp fractured shapes. We awaken to a new aesthetic.

A season of change, chaos, contradictions; products that soothe us, schemes that shake us up, patterns that reassure us, colours that alarm us; A beautifully imperfect harmony.

At Scarlet Opus, we have forecast six interiors trends for the spring/summer 2012 season.

This trend vibrates with a strong South American influence. Rio takes centre stage for the Earth Summit in 2012 with a global focus on sustainability and green issues.

Patterns oscillate between oversized Amazonian botanical florals and pumped-up tribal geometrics. Aztec and African mash-ups set the tone. Our love affair with Ikat continues.

A jungle of lush greens are punctuated with exotic bloom brights and fruity accents. Combinations of Tiger Lily and turquoise are key. Look no further than Karim Rashid’s amazing Matrix sofa system for an instant colour boost.

This trend is quietly cultured, cheerfully modest and visually polite. It comes at a time when social values and graces are re-examined and re-established; 20th century values in the 21st century.

A trend that moves us away from pretention towards simple pleasures as we trudge through economic recovery.

A mid-century influence of Modernist Art, textiles and ceramics.

The colour palette takes us from the garden vegetable patch and flowerbed into the kitchen; cookie crumb, mustard, milkshake pink and salad shades.

Embrace the work of Lucienne Day and explore design collections with a strong mid-century appeal. Keep it simple, striking and stylish.

Nika Zupanc’s 5 O’Clock chairs are key pieces that provide a refreshing take on retro styling for the season ahead.

In this trend, we cross borders and boundaries to find common cultural connections. Sometimes you have to deconstruct to reconstruct; fragmented and networked structures and patterns from North Africa and the Middle East join together to create a contemporary classic aesthetic with an ancient foundation and geological undertones.

Seek inspiration in cartography, Mashrabiyya, interlinked geometrics, desert sands, open latticed structures, reptile skins and crackled metallic. Also explore volcanic aesthetics; cracked, pitted, spliced, molten.

A palette of weatherworn shades include dry parchment, sand, sienna, dark malachite, purple and iridescent beetle blue.

Also, get ready to welcome steel, pewter, copper with warm pearl and earth tones. Invest in Deniz Tunç’s Balini sofa as the centrepiece for this trend.

The deep sea provides inspiration for this trend as we explore the mysterious depths below the surface.

Think illuminations, ultra-violet lasers, and lighting with a shadowy glow. Product design and surface textures are inspired by jellyfish, sea urchins, scorpion fish, and coral reefs.

Watermark effects, wave patterns, and Rorschach inspired prints work well for surface pattern whilst rippling textures and changeant qualities are key surface finishes.

Mysterious, deep sea shades make up the colour palette of ultra and aqua marine, sparkling turquoise, jade, and beautiful lapis
lazuli – an important colour of the season – illuminated by ultra violet, with coral and neon accents. This trend is encapsulated by Dror’s iconic Peacock chair for Cappellini.

Dynamic, energetic, and uncontainable, this trend is super-charged, taking inspiration from today’s youth culture and London’s unique style.
Fractured, angular shapes, bolts of colour, and clashing patterns come together to create this very alive look.

The plugged-in colour palette of sporty brights reinforces the energy of this trend with a youthful Olympic blue, highlighter yellow, and a clashing pink and red, working with a concrete, city grey, which adds an urban edge.

Simple geometric leather wall panels work well with urban graffiti inspired surface pattern designs; London skylines, street signs, and the underground map also provide inspiration for surface pattern. Jimmie Martin has captured the vibe of this trend perfectly with its graffiti covered Glam chair.

The handsome sibling to Savoir Faire, this is New Minimalism with an eccentric twist. A perfect marriage of tradition and modernity, this trend simultaneously takes a look back as it moves ahead.

Ornate forms and historical references to Baroque and Rococo periods are reworked from a contemporary viewpoint. Laser-cut leathers, elegant cut-out wall coverings, and baroque scrollwork add a sophisticated detail to simple pieces in chalky tones. Smooth eggshell finishes and fine powdery textures are seen on surfaces across all product areas.

Colours are refined yet majestic: Plaster of Paris and cosmetic foundation tones work with accents of royal red, princess blue, and tuxedo black.Christopher Guy’s majestic love seat beautifully depicts the majestic elegance of this trend.

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