Bluehaus Group designs Arup’s Dubai office using bright pops of colour

Interior Design by Bluehaus Group

MEP Design by Bluehaus Engineering

Fit-out by ATS – Al Tayer Stocks

Furniture by Kinnarps and Orange Box

Lighting by Acoulite

Bluehaus Group has designed global design and engineering consultants Arup’s new head offices in Dubai, located in the Media One building in Dubai Media City.

“As a company we at Arup ‘shape a better world’ and to do so it is important that our home from which we work, from which we collaborate, from which we innovate provides the right mix of spaces to encourage and foster positive collaboration,” said Stuart Clarke, associate director at Arup.

“Arup approached Bluehaus Group to work with us to design a space that could house our current operations in Dubai with enough flexibility to provide our future no impediment to collaboration and quality of working environment. The Arup and Bluehaus Group fit was ideal as the motivation for quality was shared by both Arup as the client and Bluehaus Group as the consultant,” he explained.

The front of house area is designed to work seamlessly with the buildings core, removing the feeling of a ‘barrier’ at the front whilst ensuring security. The full height glazing on all sides of the building offers a great deal of natural daylight.

The design team focused on moving all enclosed spaces off the windows and offering open plan workstations, collaboration and flexible spaces at the periphery of the floor so as to enjoy the natural daylight and stunning views of The Palm.

This also ensured that ‘Day 2’ and ‘Day 3’ scenarios could be designed-in to ensure the office is both future proofed and flexible to be re-configured to suit the ever changing need for projects and project teams.

“Close collaboration has turned our needs into a workable space that shouts “Arup” to all our overseas colleagues visiting us for the very first time. We have been operating here since last September and both the tangible and intangible benefits of the space have been striking,” Clarke said.

There was a great deal of thought put into how Arup works, and how the Arup Dubai office specifically works, during the design phase, Bluehaus comments in a statement.

Bluehaus Group and Arup’s project manager worked very closely to consider the day-to-day function of the office, as well as how the office needed to change throughout the year to suit varying requirements.

Arup receives a high level of regional and overseas visitors who need space to work both in isolation, and in teams and workshops.

Bluehaus explained that lighting was key to the success of the space working in harmony with a high-level of natural daylight, and the need to achieve the necessary luxury levels into the evening.

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