AGi creates monolithic structure for Kuwaiti clinic

Kuwait and Spain-based architects AGi has designed a pioneering healthcare facility in Kuwait, challenging issues such as privacy and security by using a new model by creating courtyards attached to the facade.

This model creates a unique typology where the program occupies the entire site while from afar, the building can be viewed as a monolithic element creating a high walled fortress which protects from vandalism and maximises security and privacy.

The courtyards are carved into the building, allowing for natural light into all the clinics.

The concept of the façade generating light, views and ventilation is reversed; and the courtyards are brought inwards from the perimeter creating further privacy enhanced by a metal mesh with a geometrical pattern where sufficient light can penetrate, constructing a veiled threshold in between the exterior and the internal courtyards.

Due to the density and variety of the program presented in this clinic, the spaces are sectioned off into multiple self-sufficient departments, which can operate independently from one another. Therefore easy orientation and navigation through the clinic is key, where each of the departments is color coded with sufficient signage throughout, to facilitate a universal way-finding technique.

Ali Mohammed T. Al-Ghanim Clinic by AGi Architects – © Nelson Garrido.

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