AGi Architects designs apartment complex with an “open core” in Kuwait City

Spain and Kuwait-based architect AGi has designed the Green Core building set in the Adaiiya neighborhood in Kuwait City.

Composed of six apartments of approximately 350m2, they can be through an “open core” that divides the plot into two defined areas: the front and the rear.

“This core void is the key element in the design of the residence. It allows for natural light to filter in through the mesh and into the interior spaces as it provides the dense complex with a sizeable open space,” the architects explained in a release.

The core serves as common ground for the residents while the rest of the program is composed around it.

“The green mesh that encases the space softens the penetrating light and harsh climate of the Arabian Gulf, allowing for a pleasant ambience while hosting fertile grounds for vegetation to grow into a small garden,” the architects said.

Facing the street and on the main facade, three apartments are housed on 3 different levels. The rear portion of the building introduces duplex units over four levels: two units in levels 1 and 2 and a third one in levels 3 and 4. These units are designed to offer the luxury of extra space as well as privacy. Several private courtyards and intimate terraces are made possible due to this layout shift.

Design Team
Nasser B. Abulhasan
Joaquín Pérez-Goicoechea
Architectural Team:
Awrad Tifooni  Gwenola Kergall
Lucía Sánchez Salmón
Carmen Sagredo Rodríguez
Hanan Alkouh
Aisha Alsager

Photography by Juan Roldán

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