A new housing project by AGi Architects in Kuwait reinterprets single-family living

A new housing project by AGi Architects in Kuwait reinterprets single-family living

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Launched by Wafra Real Estate and designed by AGi Architects, the new Kuwait housing complex Wind Tower introduces a contemporary solution for residential projects in the country’s increasingly dense urban landscape.

The architects aimed to reinterpret the local building techniques in their design – the services core was placed in the building’s southern wing to minimise sun exposure and reduce energy consumption, while minimum openings were placed on the façades. Opened to the north, facing the Arabian Gulf, the design allows for natural light and cross ventilation, both of which get funnelled through to the pool area via the internal courtyard.

“The starting point was the increasing demand for land in the city,” said Nasser Abulhasan, principal and cofounder of AGi. “Our inspiration was based on the transformation of the single family dwelling typologies into a new vertical development in which tenants can enjoy privacy, as well as benefit from vertical solution amenities and a prime location.”

Applying granite stone to the façade, Wind Tower evokes a monolithic structure carved by the wind – a contrast to the smooth surfaces of its interior courtyard, rendered in white plaster.

Raised on a plinth that comprises two levels, where public spaces like the pool and gym are located, the tower rises up organically. Each of the 12 duplex apartments face the courtyard, which allows them to benefit from natural light and ventilation while a penthouse apartment crowns the tower.

The spaces also have private terraces, perceived by different openings in the façade.

“That’s the new interpretation and evolution of the garden or courtyard of single-family houses,” added Joaquin Perez-Goicoechea, cofounder and principal. “These terraces guarantee the desired privacy that tenants demand due to each floor having only one.”

Wind Towers was originally launched in 2014 and was only recently completed. At 6,500m2, the housing development sits in Salmiya, a suburb of Kuwait that’s expected to house a number of upcoming contemporary projects, like the Twins Apartment by fellow Kuwait firm Studio Toggle.

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