UAE’s first materials library Colab launches talks schedule for students

UAE’s first materials library Colab launches talks schedule for students

Expert speakers will come from across the creative community

Dubai Design District is home to Colab
Dubai Design District is home to Colab

Colab, the first purpose-built material library in the UAE is to host a series of talks aimed at the designers of tomorrow.

The  ‘SHARE ( شا رك )’ campaign will curate free weekly webinars for the UAE’s students in partnership with the country's leading universities.

Thought leaders from the design industry will be able to share their experience with young people through online discussions that maintain safe social distancing.

Colab's creative director, Richard Wilson, says expert speakers are being drawn from across interior design, architecture, materials, fashion, film, digital, graphic design, and advertising to discuss themes like innovation in design, smart and ecofriendly materials, future trends in design, design in government, and leadership in design.

Talks will also deliver insight on how to launch a design start-up in the UAE, how to build working relationships with suppliers, and how materials are specified in the UAE market.

Richard adds: “We conceived Colab as a creative space to innovate, contemplate and understand all aspects of material use and design. We’re now taking this mandate and expanding it into SHARE - a powerful ongoing schedule of knowledge sharing and powerful discussions.

"We are thrilled to see that our communities have responded so positively, with universities supporting the cause, and industry experts volunteering to share their experience and expertise - to give back to the community.

“Sometimes, challenges present themselves as opportunities. The social separation necessitated by Covid-19 enabled us to actualize the SHARE platform, which is something that we’d been working towards for a while."

Colab, in Building 1b of Dubai Design District, is a social business venture that doubles up as a gallery, networking hub and platform to showcase the latest materials and design trends from across the globe.

To sign up, learn more or participate in the SHARE campaign, visit

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