Bonaldo releases new collection online

Bonaldo releases new collection online

It was planned to launch at the now postponed Salon del Mobile

Geometric Table by Alain Gilles from Bonaldo's new collection
Geometric Table by Alain Gilles from Bonaldo's new collection

After the sad news that the Milan Furniture Fair was on hold because of COVID-19, designers set about finding new ways to get their projects out there.

Like many in the industry, Bonaldo took to social media and launched the #BonaldoKeepOn programme to present its new 2020 collection.

Instead, the Italian furniture firm will hold virtual tours of its 6,000 m2 showroom in Padua.

An e-catalouge has also been released and a series of webinars will present new products to potential customers, such as the Geometric Table by Alain Gilles - a table that changes shape depending on the observer’s perspective.

“In these last few weeks of uncertainty, we never stopped working while waiting for this delicate situation to return to normal,” says MD Alberto Bonaldo.

“The cancellation of a strategically important event such as the Salone del Mobile was an incentive for us to identify alternative ways to launch our new products. To make up for the temporary lack of the precious stage which is the trade fair, indispensable for enhancing the value of the products and for establishing international relations with our partners and customers, we did not let this cancellation get us down, and with the team of designers who work with Bonaldo we have put together a programme of activities to keep our international business alive."

Initially scheduled to take place from April 21st-26th 2020, the world’s largest furniture fair now will be held in April 2021.

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