New Nulty Lighting webinar tackles sleepless nights

New Nulty Lighting webinar tackles sleepless nights

Better understanding how lighting design can impact on sleep

Nulty Lighting at the Assembly Hotel, London
Nulty Lighting at the Assembly Hotel, London

How are you sleeping right now?

Nulty Lighting will examine how lighting is increasingly becoming a valuable tool for better sleep.

In the lighting company's latest webinar, Emilio and Kael from Nulty Lighting will unpack 'A Manifesto for a Good Night's Sleep.'

The starting point is that sleep patterns are strongly linked to circadian rhythms - physical, mental and behavioural changes that follow a daily cycle of approximately 24 hours.

How the light we consume throughout the day affects on this needs to be better understood, to ensure that we wind down appropriately and wake up to the correct level and quality of light.

Using in-depth research and case studies, the panel will demonstrate how Nulty is working to produce a comprehensive guide for the industry around using light to improve wellbeing and create better environments for sleep.

The lighting design consultancy, which has offices in Dubai, is holding a twice-weekly webinar putting the spotlight on the world of lighting design.

It's hoped the session will be a source of insight for architects, interior designers and anyone with an interest in design looking to broaden their understanding about light.

Connect on Tuesday, May 5th at 12.30pm BST (that's 3.30pm Dubai time).

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