Ammunition and Gantri launch sustainable lamps made out of corn

Ammunition and Gantri launch sustainable lamps made out of corn

The 3D-printed lights are made out of sustainable bioplastics

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US-based Gantri, the world’s first digital manufacturer for designer lighting, has added a trio of new products to its line of sustainably manufactured, 3D-printed lamps.

Designed by Silicon Valley firm Ammunition, the three collections - Signal, Gio and Carve, are manufactured from corn-based materials and includes a table lamp, a floor lamp and a wall-mounted fixtures.

Gantri teams up with independent designers for its line of lamps made of a plastic derived from corn-based polylactic acid (PLA). Each piece is printed and assembled at the factory, then hand-finished with a water-based paint and shipped directly to consumers.

Gantri’s catalogue features the work of more than 30 designers. "Ammunition has an incredible reputation for creating thoughtful, beautifully crafted products that inspire both consumers and designers. We were thrilled to bring the studio’s process and philosophy to the Gantri platform with lighting collections that offer an amazing level of quality, detail, and expression," said Gantri founder and CEO Ian Yang.  

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