Revealed: Archidentity designs Expo 2020 Dubai's Expo Live Pavilion

Revealed: Archidentity designs Expo 2020 Dubai's Expo Live Pavilion

Ahmad Abdulrahman Bukhash has designed the 470 sq m pavilion, inspired by the traditional Bedouin tent

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Expo 2020 Dubai has revealed the design of its “The Good Place” Expo Live Pavilion, designed by Emirati designer and the founder of Archidentity, Ahmad Abdulrahman Bukhash.

The design of the 470m2 structure takes inspiration from a traditional Bedouin tent and is located within Expo 2020 Dubai’s Opportunity District.

According to Expo 2020 Dubai, the pavilion showcases the ‘good’ in the world and features work of the Global Innovators in improving people’s lives and honouring the vision and generosity of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

Speaking about the pavilion, Bukhash said: “Architecture is about bringing the inside, outside. The Expo Live Pavilion is a showcase for exactly that, exemplifying the notion that an idea is not limited by a single box – it is transformative, outreaching and radiant, and can affect all people around it.”

Bukhash says that one of the challenges associated with designing “The Good Place” was “capturing — and captivating the audiences around — the idea of Expo Live”.

“As visitors enter, they will see a mirage of visuals where their reflections appear alongside images of Global Innovaors.”

He added that the design of Expo Live The design, co-created by Takeshi Maruyama and Sireen Ali, empowers visitors to see that those seeking to do good are ordinary people, like you or me.”

“The Good Place” Expo Live Pavilion is designed by Emirati designer, Ahmah Abdulrahman Bukhash [image: Expo 2020 Dubai]

Expo Live features the Innovation Impact Grant Programme (IIGP), which has been supporting 120 Global Innovators by providing guidance, exposure, and grants of up to $100,000 (AED 367,303). It also supports the University Innovation Programme that has till date supported 46 teams of students in the UAE by providing them grants worth $183,651.5 (AED50,000).

People visiting the pavilion can pitch their social innovations to become a Global Innovator in the IIGP’s sixth cycle.

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