Preciosa Lighting creates statement fixtures for Atlantis, The Palm

Preciosa Lighting creates statement fixtures for Atlantis, The Palm

Shell-inspired installation at Plato’s was designed by Petr Kořínek in collaboration with HBA Dubai

Preciosa, HBA Dubai, Atlantis The Palm

Preciosa Lighting has created installations for seven different spaces throughout the recently refurbished Atlantis, The Palm.

Of these the most unmissable installation is the spiralling shell located in Plato’s Coffee & Tea Lounge. The sea-inspired installation was designed by Preciosa designer Petr Kořínek in collaboration with HBA Dubai.

“The biggest challenge for me was to find a technical solution which would work in this case,” says Kořínek. “My intent was to show the pure beauty of a shell which everyone recognises from nature. Our team was able to solve the most crucial aspect so the metal frame is almost invisible, which was important to the client.”

The chandelier is comprised of approximately 35,000 cut beads in three shades of blue. To create the illusion of being underwater, about 4500 almond trimmings on 180 hanging points float around the shell.

The skeleton of the chandelier was shaped by hand. The shell itself is atypical; due to its internal spiral created to make the body as thick as possible. When producing the shell, the inside layer of beads was done first, followed by the second outer layer.

“Such a design is much more complicated for production than the typical chandelier we are asked to design,” said Kořínek. “We are really lucky to have so many skilled workers here in Preciosa--not every company would be able to create and build such a 3D shaped shell fixture.”

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